Body Scanners Reveal Naked Body Image

       If you reverse the negative of the actual TSA body scan image, it shows a completely naked woman in flesh color. For decency reasons, I have blocked out most of the photo. Folks, you are going to be scanned completely naked every time you walk through an airport security check from now on! This is evil, Communist, appalling, tyranny! Official training manuals specify that the genitals must be crisp and unobstructed in order for the scan to be effective.

All of the victims of the holocaust were stripped naked before they were murdered. Is this where we're headed? It would appear so. Someone recently discovered 500,000 plastic coffins in Georgia, purchased by FEMA. Connect the dots. You, your daughters and sons, and wife are being scanned and by simply reversing the negative (which the machine can do), it gives those perverts a pornographic photo of your family. Stop flying unless you want to be viewed completely naked!

Throughout history, victims of holocaust and genocide were stripped naked before they were executed. Photos of Hitler's holocaust show bulldozers covering thousands of naked dead bodies with dirt. The entire notion of forcing Americans and Europeans into full body scanners, which will film and record your body 100% naked is alarming! You can be assured that taser shock bracelets are next, mandatory implantable microchips at birth, forced abortion, et cetera.

Homeland Security Wants More Naked Scanners

Tom's Guide | December 29, 2009

Taking a flight? Prepare to be virtually strip-searched by Homeland Security.

Thanks to the Detroit-bound crotch bomber pretending to be a terrorist on Christmas Day, Homeland Security now wants to beef up security by installing more "naked scanners." It's either that, Homeland says, or getting a thorough "pat-down" before getting onto an airplane. Homeland, so it seems, would rather choose the former (and who can blame them—some people refuse to shower or use deodorant).

The problem with naked scanners, as the unofficial label obviously reveals, is that passengers are subject to digital strip searches of sorts, exposing areas best kept behind bedroom doors or within adult magazine covers. The Electronic Privacy Information Center is of course all over the possibility, literally
stating that the whole-body imaging technology violates privacy rights. The group also claims that the devices "capture, record, and store detailed images of individuals undressed."

Currently the Transportation Security Administration has 40 full-body scanners installed in 19 airports nationwide: 6 use the machines for primary screenings, while the other 34 machines are used in 13 airports for follow-up searches. According to Wired, the TSA has forked over a $25 million contract to Rapiscan Security Systems this past October. The contract is for an additional 30 scanners.

The TSA is also ordering more backscatter x-ray scanners, devices that send out low-intensity beams. Apparently this type of device is excellent in imaging organic material. But despite what privacy advocates claim, the TSA naturally claims that there's no privacy issue. In fact, the agency said that the images could be pinned up in preschool classrooms. Thanks, but I'll just drive.

SOURCE: Homeland Security Wants More 'Naked Scanners' - Tom's Guide


Full body scans are nothing less than strip searches!

Government Issued Stun Bracelets for all Airline Passengers

—EMD safety bracelets—

You check in at the airline ticket counter. But instead of a boarding pass, you get shackled with an electronic bracelet which tracks your every move, contains all your personal information, and can shock you senseless. This is all the result of some guy who mysteriously bypassed security and got on the plane without a passport. Right! It's so obvious that this is a false flag terror event (i.e., a fake terror incident used to further Homeland Security's control over the American public). This guy supposedly has a firecracker in his underwear and now the government wants to install more scanners, more flying rules, more tyranny, et cetera. I don't even want to fly anymore unless I absolutely have to.


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