How to Get Quick Control Over Your Diabetes
High Sugar Level in Just One Week!

How I Lowered My Diabetic High Blood Sugar From 399 mg/dl to 112 mg/dl in Just One Week!

by David J. Stewart | June 2016 | Updated June 2017

       UPDATE: In January of 2017 I weighed 215 pounds. Today is June 7th and I weighed 150.2 today!!! Amen! I've lost 65 pounds in just a few months!!! Here's a ukulele video I made last month, showing before and after. My sugar last year was 399 mg/dl, but is now 75 mg/dl. My mmol/L was 9.8 last year, but was 6.7 two months ago when I weighed 185. My doctor said my diabetes is all GONE! I've lost another 35 pounds and am now 150 pounds. I'll get my glucose tested again in a couple weeks, which should be 5 point something. My friend, LOSE WEIGHT if you want to get rid of the type II diabetes. I explain in the video and notes how I lost so much weight. I DIDN'T take any diabetes drugs!!! I DIDN'T take any pills or follow anyone's quack diet plan. I simply limited my daily calories to 1,000 or less, and walked a couple hours a day, here a little and there a little. Drink only water. Eat big salads (with hardly any dressing) and stay away from processed and breaded foods. Eat tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, AND FAST A DAY OR TWO EACH WEEK, eating nothing! Don't let people tell you it's unhealthy to eat under 1,000 calories a day. It depends what you're eating. Losing your feet to diabetes is MUCH WORSE! Americans are plagued with “SITTING DISEASE,” sedentary, gluttons and lazy.

If you are type II diabetic, like me, this may perhaps be the most important article you ever read concerning your health. I can help you tremendously! I have nothing to sell. I am a born-again Christian and I want to help as many people as I can. You'll love me after reading this article if you have type II diabetes. But before I begin, please understand that I am not a professional health advisor in any capacity. I'm not a doctor and have no training or license whatsoever, so consider what I say at your own risk. There, now that I have made a disclaimer, now I can help you in ways that your doctor WON'T and CAN'T!

I found out in the hospital not too long ago, before they removed my gallbladder in September of 2015, that I am diabetic. Diabetes is a nasty ailment of the human body, known as “The Silent Killer!” It is called this because oftentimes people don't realize the seriousness of the disease until extensive and irreparable damage to the body's nerves have been sustained. Diabetes simply stated is a high concentration of sugar (called “glucose”) in the blood. Left unchecked, high blood sugar destroys nerve endings. Since the toes and feet are furthest from the heart, this is where the numbness, tingling and pain usually start.

I had two major neck surgeries (in 2009 and 2010), which made my stenosis and radiculopathy 100% worse. It left me with both of my arms feeling inflated, like my veins are filled with air. I feel this 24/7 and it is permanent. Finally, after about a year, it became the new “norm” and I became used to the discomfort (at least as used to it as possible). However, the constant pain and discomfort compelled me to eat to my satisfaction as a means of finding some form of comfort. I gained 50 pounds of weight. This led to diabetes. Type II diabetes is nothing but self abuse! Worldwide, there are 350,000,000 people suffering with diabetes! Every year 500,000 Americans die from diabetes! You can turn it all around almost overnight by just changing your diet, drinking water, and eating less.

Doctors Will Harm or Kill You if You Let Them!

The nurses at the hospital were giving me insulin, but it wasn't lowering my sugar. They told me to see a doctor. So I told my regular doctor about it, who attends to my neck pain, and he put me on Metformin (a popular drug for diabetics). He also gave me a prescription for an ACCU-CHEK (Aviva) unit and test strips, so I could daily check my own sugar level at home. My sugar was regularly between 180 and 399 mg/dl. I had no symptoms at all.

So I still drank my sugary sodas and ate to my heart's content, holding my weight at 215 lbs. My ideal weight according to the BMI chart is 142-159 lbs. I did eat better, including 30-50% vegetables in my diet. I drank lots of water (which I need to because of my pain medications that dehydrate the body), but I still enjoyed my three meals a day and sugary soft drinks. BUT MY BLOOD SUGAR WAS STILL REALLY HIGH AT 200-300 MG/DL DAILY! My average sugar level over 3 months was over 200 mg/dl (shown in blood tests).

Then my doctor prescribed to me Pioglitazone (or “Actos” as it is called). I went home and read about the drug online. The drug has been banned in Germany, France and India due to horrifying dangerous side-effects (including broken bones, teeth coming loose, cancer and death). I refused to take the first pill and told my doctor exactly why! The Metformin wasn't helping, so my doctor referred me to a diabetic doctor. I and the diabetic doctor discussed other drugs, which all come with potentially serious side effects. I refused to take such risks. The diabetes doctor stressed the seriousness of my high sugar level, warning me that I could develop kidney disease, heart disease, go blind, and end up having my legs and arms amputated if even a small infection were to set into my limbs. In my mind, I was scared and didn't want to end up like those poor people I had seen in grocery stores with their legs amputated.

So the doctor suggested that I inject myself in the fatty part of the abdomen with insulin every day. I agreed, figuring it couldn't hurt anything. HE HAD SCARED ME ABOUT THE DANGERS OF HIGH SUGAR. And I was scared, so I wasn't willing to take risky drugs. He assured me that the insulin didn't have the same risky side-effects of the other diabetic drugs. He started me on 20 units per day, increasing the dosage by 2 more units every 3 days. I had worked the dosage up over the next few weeks to 40 units per day. (The insulin is stored in the refrigerator to prevent spoilage.) But my left foot was going numb (particularly the big toe), tingling and I could feel the discomfort increasing as I increased the insulin dosage every few days. When the numbness and tingling in my left toe became quite obvious, I said, “Forget this!” I stopped injecting myself! No more insulin.

I tried to contact my diabetic doctor to tell him, but he never called me back. His answering machine was full. I left a message at the front desk, but no one returned my phone calls. That's really bad! When I finally met with my diabetes doctor weeks later, he said that he had never heard of insulin making the toes go numb, and he said it couldn't do that. But I am the Guinea Pig, and I'm telling you that it did!!! I was reading online that doctors don't even know how high blood sugar damages nerve endings. They think it has something to do with the blood, but THEY DON'T KNOW!!! Doctors don't know half as much as they arrogantly think they know. I'm telling you, doctors will kill you if you let them. The worst thing that you can do is blindly trust a doctor, just taking whatever prescription drugs that he gives you, without at least reading online about what you are putting into your mouth. It could kill you.

For example: I had a pain specialist doctor prescribe “Elavil” to me, as an off usage for radiating nerve pain. I took the drug and my taste buds stopped working. I went to read online and sure enough, Elavil deadens the tastebuds, and IT COULD BECOME PERMANENT, even after you stop taking the drug! Yeah, how's that for scary! But the doctors will never tell you that, not one of them! Doctors are oftentimes nothing more than legalized drug-pushers for Big Pharma!!! There are dozens of shocking documentaries on YouTube, exposing the greedy Pharmaceutical industry. If you want to get mad, search YouTube for psychotropic drugging of children. Search for depression drugs profits and the criminal drug industry!!! If I'm ever diagnosed with cancer, I absolutely WILL NOT allow them to do chemotherapy on me! If the cancer doesn't kill you, the chemotherapy will make you wish you were dead (and it will likely kill you in the process)! You cannot cut, burn and poison the body back to health! The best defence is a healthy immune system. By the way (as I will explain how you can do it too), I lowered my own blood sugar from 399 mg/dl last month, to 110 mg/dl just 10 minutes ago. It's just a matter of diet change, and I'll share with you how I did it.

I told my diabetes doctor that I wasn't blaming him, because it was my fault for abusing my health that has led to diabetes. Albeit, I am fully convinced that the insulin injection did in fact make my left toe go numb. He was still defensive. The right toe doesn't seem to be affected (but I also have radiculopathy radiating from my neck, which makes it difficult to know which is which, the diabetes or the radiculopathy). All I know is that I had no problems (numbness to touch) in my left toe until I injected myself with the insulin. So, my advice to you is that if you have high blood sugar... DO NOT INJECT YOURSELF WITH INSULIN! You don't need to if you eat right!!! Again, I am not a doctor, but THE INSULIN APPEARS TO HAVE HURT ME! I will give you a MUCH BETTER way to lower your blood sugar in a moment (and I'm not selling anything). After two months of stopping the insulin injections, the numbness in my left toe hadn't gone away. Now I was really scared and frustrated, which promoted me to meet with the diabetes doctor right away. And what he did is just really tragic and sad!

After I explained everything I just told you, to him, he handed me a prescription for Metformin (again). I reminded him that he and my regular doctor had already given me 3 prescriptions for Metformin, and that it didn't agree with my stomach, and didn't lower my blood sugar. They had prescribed time release tablets, which were easier on my system, but the drug was ineffective for me. I also told me diabetes doctor that I still had a big full bottle of Metformin on my shelf at home, from the last prescription that he wrote me. He still handed me the prescription and said, “Well, I'm giving the Metformin to you anyway.” Whoa! At that moment, I realized that this incompetent “doctor” could not really help me, and he was just another drug-pusher for the greedy pharmaceutical industry. The only solution that he had for my diabetes was drugs, drugs and more drugs! I tell you, in my personal opinion, doctors will harm and/or kill you!!!

When my doctor handed me a prescription for Metformin for the fourth time, even after I told him it doesn't work (and I also told him that I still had a big bottle at home that he prescribed to me the previous visit), I fully realized that he couldn't help me. All he knows is drugs, drugs, drugs! If I hadn't stepped in and taken control of my own health, this diabetic doctor would have had me taking a cocktail of potentially dangerous and life threatening drugs, like Actos.

Doctors will do to you whatever you let them do! When I told my (former... I never went back) diabetes doctor that the insulin injections he prescribed to me, made my left toe and foot go numb, he was in denial. I asked him what could be the problem if not the insulin. Do you know what he told me? He said that he could refer me to see a foot doctor!!! Oh boy! That's how the vicious cycle works, and if you're naive enough to play their stupid game, they'll have you going from one specialist to another, milking the insurance companies (and the patient) for all the money they can get! It is unethical and very wrong! My diabetes doctor gave me referrals to see a dietician, an eye doctor, and now a foot doctor! What a racket!

The pharmacy-run medical schools are training doctors these days. This is a horrible conflict of interest! If you are sick, the system tells you to go to a doctor and trust him. Tragically, evil greedy people have taken advantage of this trust, turning patients into Guinea pigs to take their money. If doctors don't prescribe a drug (usually multiple drugs) to you, they are considered an incompetent doctor by the licensing board. What a nefarious scam!!! And moreover, the diabetic doctor didn't really care about me as a patient. How sad! How tragic! What a shameful testimony of today's medical industry!!! Please watch, “THE TRUTH ABOUT PHARMACEUTICAL DRUGS AND THE MEDICAL INDUSTRY” (There are 374 mental disorders and 174 psychotropic drugs. Big Pharma profits a third-of-a-trillions-dollars each year! It is criminal fraud!!! That doesn't include all the other thousands of quack drugs on the market.

I had three different doctors prescribe muscle relaxants to me between 2004 and 2012: Soma, Flexeril, Skelaxin and Robaxin for 8 YEARS. Then one day I read about an EMG test on the internet and requested the test from my doctor. He referred me to a neurologist for the EMG. The test shows whether muscles are involuntarily working or not. Obviously, at rest muscles are not supposed to be working (tightened). They tested my entire body, but my neck is where the tension is. The EMG showed that the neck tension is caused by a pinched nerve in my neck, and NOT MUSCLE TENSION. The doctors had prescribed the four muscle relaxant drugs for the constant tension in my neck. Those ungodly (and incompetent at the very least) doctors never tested me, never even suggested a test, they just assumed the tension was caused by tight muscles. They abused me and took advantage of my ignorance, ripping off me and the insurance company, making tens-of-thousands-of-dollars by prescribing drugs that I didn't need at all.

I tell you, in my personal opinion, doctors will harm and/or kill you!!!

“You're Welcome” in Advance for Saving Your Life

I went home frustrated after being handed a fourth prescription for a worthless drug, that I already had plenty of on my shelf. I refused to take one more pill of Metformin! My toe went numb, and I didn't want the numbness to spread. My sugar was 349, 368 and 399 (regularly between 250-399 mg/dl). Little did I know that there was a very easy, simple and sure way to get my sugar level under control, and I did it in just ONE WEEK!!! It wasn't even a week, but it took about a week to get used to my new diet. Are you ready my friend? Here is what I did to heal myself, without any druggy doctor! ...

How I Dropped My Blood Sugar from 399 mg/dl to 112 mg/dl in One Week!

All I did was eat one regular meal a day instead of three! Yes, that lowered my sugar from 350 to 112 mg/dl, in just one week! I WAS EATING TOO MUCH CARBOHYDRATES AND SUGARS! For the other two meals, I ate big green leafy salads (you can add avocado, canned chicken breast, cherry tomatoes, spinach, parmesan cheese, Lawry's seasoning, a little salad dressing, etc). I eat a handful of pickles, baked fish, oatmeal, canned green beans. I like to eat the little cherry (sweet) tomatoes by themselves. I'll eat a whole tray at once. I sometimes have Frosted mini-wheats for breakfast, with a little regular milk. No-fat is best, but a little high-fat milk won't hurt me. (High-fat raises blood sugar a bit). The sugar frosting on the shredded mini-wheats isn't good. It will spike your sugar. So be sparing. Whole grain cereal with no sugar coating IS BEST! I eat plain oatmeal usually (traditional, which takes longer to cook, but is more natural. The quick cook variety is less healthy).

AVOID BREADS!!! I love hotdogs, but the buns spike my sugar! Bread all turns into glucose in the body. Eating baked fish won't raise your sugar at all. If your sugar stars to rise, fast, i.e., don't eat until it drops. You can have salads instead). I hear all these so-called “health experts” saying that it is unhealthy to skip meals, but the Bible teaches FASTING. God knows more than all the self-proclaimed experts and quack doctors! Fasting is good for the body. We'd all do good to start skipping meals, a lot of meals!!! So shut up about not skipping meals. They say to prevent sugar lows, eat consistently. My problem is sugar highs! If we'd fast in America, instead of eating fast, there wouldn't be an epidemic of diabetes. When you sugar is high, nerve damage is being done!

I love bread and buns, but they spike my sugar. If I eat two hotdogs and buns, my sugar goes way up. I am diabetic, so even when my sugar measures 110 mg/dl while fasting, if I eat the wrong foods... my sugar will quickly rise over 200 mg/dl. I pretty much have to live on salads, apples, skinless chicken, water, oatmeal, baked fish, pickles, et cetera.


By “regular meal,” I mean no more than 1,000 calories of pretty much anything I want to eat (but no sugary deserts, no breads, no sodas or obviously very high sugary foods). This is just for this one meal. By “regular meal” I mean that you can have a little rice, mashed potatoes or bread (but not too much, and no bread). These are the foods that run up your sugar level. AVOID eating lots of rice, breads and potatoes (all those carbs turn into blood sugar). It's ok for your one regular meal a day (but just that meal, and don't pig out!). You MUST remove all sugars from your diet! No sodas. No orange juice. No ice cream. No candy. Juices are processed sugars, and will spike your sugar level. Avoid all juices! No bananas! Apples, strawberries and carrots are good. These foods produce some sugar, but it is 100% better than artificial high fructose corn syrup (a toxic poison to the body!). It is not natural.

The body has a hard time processing processed (manmade) foods. Eat God's foods from the ground (vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and whole grains). Drink mostly Japanese Green Tea and water. When you go out to eat... WATER, or water with a slice of lemon, or unsweetened tea. Make this a rule! I have tested different foods, using my blood sugar level ACCU-CHEK meter after wards to see what those foods did to my blood. I learned much and am sharing it with you!

It's really not a big secret how I lowered my sugar. I didn't force my sugar down; but rather, by eating less and consuming more vegetables, and drinking only water and unsweetened tea, I stopped forcing my blood sugar level up! If the sugars and carbohydrates are not there, your body doesn't have all that extra food to process, and that's why your sugar drops right away. And if you continue on this diet, YOUR SUGAR WILL STAY DOWN AT CLOSE TO NORMAL. You need to lose weight to get completely down to normal (which is 70 mg/dl to 125 mg/dl).

Since my diabetes was caused by gaining weight, I know that I need to lose weight to remedy it. Your situation may be different. I'm not saying not to go to a doctor, but keep in mind all the information that I am sharing with you, and be attentive to what your doctor is doing. But be forewarned, HE WILL put you on blood sugar lowering drugs (and possibly daily insulin injections) and then you may end up like me, with your left toe gone numb. I had no problems with toe numbness before I took the insulin injections. I know my body, I am the patient. The doctor may have head knowledge, but I have firsthand experiential knowledge.

If you think you are diabetic, get a blood test kit. You can order one from Mine is an ACCU-CHEK unit. As far as I know, they're all basically the same. I check my blood twice daily. The lancet pricks your hand. I don't use my finger tips, because I play stringed instruments and don't want to lose sensitivity in my finger tips. Instead, I test from the meaty part of my hand palms (which is Ok to do). I alternate hands. The bottom line is that the Bible teaches FASTING, which people don't do today. Our American diet is excessive. We eat too much. Restaurants pile our plates high. Stores sell large portions. We love to eat. So did Jesus, but He was active and did a lot of walking. If your sugar is high, FORCE IT LOW BY FASTING! If you eat regularly, your sugar will stay high. Drink only water. Eat big salads. Skip meals (it's Ok to skip meals).  ~by David J. Stewart

If your toes or feet are going numb, this is for you...

How I Reversed Numbness in My Left Toe and Foot

Also, if you are in my situation and you took insulin injections, and your toes have gone numb because of it, I have reversed the numbness 50%. I didn't have any accidents. I didn't hit my toe. My shoe wasn't rubbing against my toe. As I injected myself each day in the belly with insulin (Lantus - SoloStar - insulin glargine injection - a prefillable pen), I could feel my toe getting more numb, until finally I said, “ENOUGH!” I'm not sure which of the following have helped reduce my toe numbness, but here's what I've done so far:

1. I stopped injecting myself with insulin! Even when I was injecting myself with 40 units per day of insulin, after a few weeks of usage it had only lowered my blood sugar to around 170-200! I don't care what my (former) doctor says, I KNOW that the daily insulin injections made my toe and foot go numb. By naturally eating one normal meal a day, and then eating a big salad for dinner, and perhaps an apple and a little cottage cheese for breakfast, I lowered my blood sugar to 112 mg/dl. It could have been that the insulin brought out the diabetic numbness that was already in progress, I don't know. But what I do know is that I wasn't having any symptoms of diabetes until I took the insulin. SO DON'T TAKE THE INSULIN! You don't need to, just change your diet! Remember, I'm not a doctor, so take my advice at your own risk. Obviously, if you're type I diabetic (which means your pancreas is not working), then you need insulin. I'm type II diabetic (caused by poor diet).

2. I lost 15 pounds. I weighed at 203 lbs. today. 200 lbs. the other day. Eating healthy foods motivates me to eat less. I still grab a hotdog when cravings kick in (the bread isn't good), but the bulk of my diet is now salads, oatmeal, frosted mini-wheats (the little sugar coating is Ok I think), lots of fish (you can use all the seasoning you want on the fish), pizza loaded with tomatoes, et cetera. Compromise is the key. That is, the sugar-coating isn't good for you on frosted mini-wheats, but YOUR EATING WHOLE GRAIN CEREAL. That's great! The pizza crust isn't good for you, BUT TOMATOES ARE GREAT FOR YOU! Tomatoes prevent prostate cancer in men. I had some frosted mini-wheats for breakfast today, no lunch, and I'm eating a big salad (about 1/2 head of iceberg lettuce, loaded with 2 dozen cherry tomatoes, spinach, 1/2 can of chicken breast and 1 avocado) for dinner. I just wasn't hungry for lunch, because I ate a big meal last night. My sugar just tested at 112 mg/dl.

3. I've lowered my own blood sugar level down to 110 mg/dl to 150 mg/dl just by eating right. I only reach 150 mg/dl now after eating a normal meal (including some carbs and sugars).  It used to be 225-375 mg/dl all the time!!! The reason why my sugar was so high is simply because my body didn't have enough time to process the food I was eating, because I was constantly eating TOO MUCH throughout the day, pigging out! And also because the type of foods that I was eating containing lots of carbohydrates (breads, rice, pasta and potatoes), which takes much longer to process. My fasting (after 8 hours of not eating) sugar level is about 110 mg/dl. I still have a ways to go. I need to lose another 20-30 lbs (at least). A normal sugar level after fasting is 70 mg/dl. I was 210 lbs in 2010. I lost weight and went down to 170 lbs in 2011. I gained it back up to 215 lbs. Now I'm losing it (trying to), at 203 lbs.

May I say, I had consumed at least 50% of vegetables (as my doctors both recommend for diabetics), but my sugar level was still sky-high! Do you know why? The reason why (which they never told me) is because I was still eating way too much food, and the foods that I consumed were high in carbohydrates. Thus, eating more vegetables won't help your diabetes unless you cut back on your total calorie intake, and eat foods containing little or no sugars and carbohydrates! You can eat all the salads that you want. You can always eat baked fish (I like Grouper, Mahi Mahi, Orange Roughy... I don't care for pink salmon) to satisfy those hunger cravings (use plenty of Lawry's or your favorite seasoning. I love a spice I bought called, “Blackened Seasoning” and another called “Cajun Spice Seasoning”). Add a can of green beans. I researched canned vegetables and they are just as nutritious, if not more, than fresh produce (because they are canned immediately at harvest).

4. I am taking two amino acids: acetyl-l carnitine (1000 mg) and lipoic acid (600 mg). You can buy them at any health store. I purchased mine at Vitamin World. (They come in the specified dosages, taken twice daily.) I take mine usually on an empty stomach (as recommended). I also bought a combined formula (400/200 mg respectively). The product is advertised to support healthy nerve function and also it supports sugar metabolism (helps digest sugar). I researched online (please do the same) and found that homeopathic doctors recommend this amino acids to treat and even cure nerve damage. I figured, “Hey, what do I have to lose?” They're only amino acids, which are found in all foods (you're just getting a high dosage of needed nutrients for a specific need). I sincerely 10,000 times trust natural medicine over the drug-dealing quack doctors that are murdering people with drugs for greedy Big Pharma companies!

5. I am taking a Vitamin World supplement called “Advanced Diabetic, which is a mineral/vitamin dietary supplement just for diabetics. It is advertised to help support sugar metabolism, healthy eye, heart and nervous system function. I feel good about consuming this natural stuff, compared to Actos (Pioglitazone) that has been banned in multiple countries because the drug is murdering people! Food companies aim for profits, not to add nutrients to foods. Much U.S. farm soil is depleted of minerals and vitamins from over-farming. That's one reason why God instituted the year of Jubilee every 7-years, so that the land could rest.

But a word of warning, some health nuts go way overboard and pop 70-100 supplement pills a day! It is silly to buy cranberry extract pills when you can eat fresh cranberries! Why take malic acid when you can eat a fresh apple? Don't get caught up into the hype from the supplement companies. Nothing can substitute for a healthy well-balanced diet!!! Your body needs the fiber in apples and cranberries, not some dumb powder. That's why I don't like juicers, because they waste all that beautiful pulp (which contains needed fiber and nutrients). I love my Nutri-Ninja Pro! Get the 900 watt, which grinds icecubes without damaging the blade (to make smoothies). It's the best! It's one of the best investments I've ever made. I bought mine at K-mart. It was around $140 two years ago. I buy frozen peaches (my favorite), strawberries and berries in bags, which keeps them fresh until I use them. You can add a scoop of vanilla protein (I get mine at Vitamin World), a teaspoon of vanilla extract, grain cereals, nuts, honey, flax seeds, coconut water, water, milk, ice cubes, just about anything to make a healthy and flavorful drink!

6. I also take a natural multivitamin daily. I take “Green Source” (with whole food concentrates) from Vitamin World. They are all natural and can even be taken on an empty stomach. Don't buy those junk vitamins at Wal-Mart and drug stores. Read the ingredients and you'll see what I mean. You're wasting your money on regular vitamins! They're loaded with toxins and junk. Check out Green Source and you'll love them I think. I weight 200 lbs, so my body can handle vitamins and the diabetic supplements (more vitamins). If you take both, you might consider skipping days, taking your vitamins every other day. Everybody's body is different. I take the Green Source, because the Diabetic supplements don't have all the vitamins. The dosages are fairly low in the diabetic supplement packs. I also take prescription Oxycontin, Percocet, Neurontin and Ambien drugs (if anyone would like to know).

I have noticed that when I get my sugar level down to 110 mg/dl, the numbness goes way down. When I eat regular and my sugar level goes up to 177 or 200, then the numbness comes back. It's the high blood sugar that is aggravating my toe nerves and feet. This is what diabetes does. If your blood sugar is high, FORCE IT LOW BY FASTING! If you eat regularly, your sugar will stay high. Drink only water. Eat big salads. Skip meals (it's Ok to skip meals). Anybody who says it is dangerous to skip meals is calling God a liar, because He tells us in the Bible to fast (Matthew 6:16). When you fast you don't eat. Jesus fasted for 40 days and nights!!! I've never fasted that long. May I say, a fast Biblically always includes prayer. Use the fast to get closer to God.

Dwight L. Moody weighed 399 lbs when he died. Charles Spurgeon smoked big cigars as a habit. Not all Christians live healthy like Brother Lester Roloff. He died in a place crash because his plane was old and falling apart. The wings broke off thousands of feet in the air. But he was in great health. Go figure! If your sugar is high and you want to keep your feet, fast! Test your sugar level. Force it down by denying your body the carbohydrates and sugars it has too much of. And remember, you can have lots of green leafy salads, pure water, sugarless tea, non-sweet (garlic Dill) pickles, and foods with no sugars or carbs. The main thing is to declare war on your health and keep at it. If you fail today, attack your diet again tomorrow. Don't give up! ~by David J. Stewart

A Quick Lesson On Diabetes

Ok, here's a quick lesson on diabetes. Your body's cells require fuel, just as a car's engine requires gasoline. The foods that we eat are processed by the body and turned into sugar (glucose), which is absorbed into the cells and burned as fuel. The pancreas organ in our human body normally produces the hormone “insulin,” which is necessary for the cells to absorb the sugar in our bloodstream. What happens if you get too fat (obese) like me, is that the pancreas can no longer produce enough insulin for the cells to absorb all the extra sugar in our bloodstream. This extra sugar is diabetes! Anything over 125 mg/dl is considered diabetic! In a normal healthy human body, our sugar level is about 70 mg/dl after not eating for 8 hours, and about 120 mg/dl two hours after eating a meal. The highest sugar level I have tested for myself is 399 mg/dl. When my toe went numb, that scared me enough to drastically change my diet and stop drinking sodas. One can of soda contains 28 grams of sugar!!! Sugar Is Definitely Toxic (drop blood sugar overnight by cutting sugars and carbohydrates). It's really as simple as that!

By simply eating one normal meal a day, and replacing the other meals with very low amounts of sugars and carbohydrates, I was able to lower my blood sugar from 250-375 mg/dl to an astonishing 104-157 in just one week!!! ONE WEEK!!! And I didn't do anything risky, unsafe or crazy!!! I didn't have to take any potentially life threatening prescription drugs!!! My diabetes doctor said that even if I planned to lose weight over the months to come to bring my sugar level down, it was absolutely essential that he give me DRUGS to immediately get my sugar under control! He portrayed my high sugar as a life-threatening, dire and dangerous situation (and he was correct about the dangers of high blood sugar); BUT HE WAS TOTALLY IGNORANT of the simplest way in the world, and 100% natural, of lowering my blood sugar virtually overnight by over 200 mg/dl—by simply eating one normal meal a day, and then having a giant salad (1/2 head of lettuce with 12 cherry tomatoes, a teaspoon of bacon bits, 2 teaspoons of salad dressing, a teaspoon of Parmesan and a teaspoon of cheddar cheese) for dinner, and some oatmeal and an apple for breakfast. I took control of my own health overnight, literally, and I did it on my own before my diabetes doctor killed me with DRUGS!!!

Reduce Your Intake of Carbohydrates and Sugars

My diabetes doctor had made some brief suggestion about making sure that at least 50% of my food intake was green leafy vegetables. That's good advice. I did that, but my sugar level was still sky high in the 300 mg/dl range. What he didn't tell me was to reduce my overall food intake! What he didn't tell me was to reduce my intake of carbohydrates! You can easily see how many carbohydrates are contained in foods by simply reading the nutritional label. The body converts carbohydrates into lots of sugar! This includes all your breads, mashed potatoes and rice! Avoid these foods in large quantities.

My diabetes doctor never told me that I could bring my sugar levels from 275-375 mg/dl down close to normal (104-157 mg/dl) within just a few days by simply eating much less carbohydrates and sugars in my diet, and reasonably reducing my food intake to one ordinary high calorie meal per day (1000 calories total). Your other two meals shouldn't exceed 200 calories each. One fillet of baked fish is only 100 calories. An apple is 75 calories, but it is catabolic (i.e., burns more calories than it contains), so it doesn't count. Eating an apple is a freebie in your diet. Drinking water has zero calories. You can eat other foods, but only at a minimum. What I do is eat my big salad first, to fill up my big stomach. I use 1/2 head of lettuce (iceberg or a romaine heart), which is only 35 calories total. I add a dozen plum tomatoes and some bacon bits and a little dressing. The whole salad is only about 175 calories (but it fills your stomach up with great food that won't raise your sugar level at all). Salads are a great way to lose weight. If you can eat no more than 1500 calories a day (aim for 1000 if you can), you'll theoretically burn 1/4 pound per day in weight. That's one pound of weight loss in 4 days. That's 8 pounds a month. That is reasonable.

BOTTOM LINE—To drastically lower your body's high sugar level, eat one normal meal each day that does not exceed 1000 calories. For the other two meals, eat a big fancy salad for dinner (no more than 200 calories); and then eat some 100% unflavored oatmeal for breakfast and perhaps an apple (under 200 calories total for breakfast). Keep portions small. To fight cravings, eat more salads, salted cucumber slices, seasoned baked fish (no breading) and pickles! Avoid rice, potatoes and breads. Drink only plain water or unsweetened Japanese Green Tea. If you choose to have a big breakfast (up to 1000 calories, then for lunch and dinner you cannot exceed more than 200 calories for each meal). Eat only fresh vegetables and good foods in these smaller meals. You're basically eating very healthy meals (mostly green leafy vegetables), and rewarding yourself with that one decadent meal per day! Effectively, by eating healthy you are eating less in terms of intake of sugars and carbohydrates, which naturally forces your body's sugar levels down to near normal (and you're accomplishing it naturally without all the risky and potentially dangerous pharmaceutical drugs).

Avoid orange juice, which is nothing more than processed sugar! It's really bad for you!!! I drink ONLY mineral water and Japanese Green Tea. I don't drink tap water from the sink, because it is so polluted with added toxic chemicals (mainly chlorine and fluoride). If you have a good water filter, then that it much better. But drinking unfiltered tap water is 1,000 times better than drinking sugary sodas and anything containing high fructose corn syrup sugar! I drink bottled mineral water. I buy mineral water in 2 liter containers, 6 per pack. The water is drawn from rocks deep in the earth (at least that's what the label reads). Avoid drinking distilled water, which has been evaporated and contains no trace minerals that your body needs. Corn is natural, but the body has difficulty processing high fructose corn syrup and promotes obesity (at least that is what I have read). Common sense tells us that pure water is the way to go for good health!!!

2006 Study Shows 'Japanese Green Tea' Reduces Risk of Diabetes by 33%

I love drinking Japanese Green Tea! It contains no calories, no sugars and no caffeine! Studies have shown that Green Tea actually helps to prevent diabetes:

“A Japanese study (2006) demonstrated that people who drank up to 6 cups of green tea per day were 33% less likely to develop Type 2 Diabetes than people who consumed under 1 cup per week. This is HUGE!

Furthermore, a Taiwanese study (2003) confirmed that subjects who had habitually consumed green tea for more than 10 years showed lower body fat composition and smaller waist circumference. This is important as obesity is tightly linked to diabetes.”

SOURCE: Green Tea and Diabetes

I drink 1-2 quarts of cold Japanese Green Tea each day. I keep a big 2 liter bottle in the refrigerator at all times. Good stuff Menard! I don't care for warm tea, but some people like it better hot. I love ice cold non-sweetened tea! I recommend drinking plenty of Japanese Green Tea (if it agrees with your system).

I Feel Like I'll Never Get Back On Track With My Diet, I Ate Too Much Today

That's perfectly Ok and to be expected. We are at war with the flesh!!! Just eat less today than you did yesterday and it will balance out. The main thing is not to go on an eating spree. If you panic, simply eat one normal meal to fulfill your craving. Get some rest. Later in the day, try to eat a nice salad to offset the meal you are earlier. I'm not a breakfast person, some people are. So the diet I am using needs to be fitted to your preferences. They important thing is that you only eat one normal meal per day, it doesn't matter whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner. For the rest of the day, you eat like a bird! You eat rabbit food! You eat healthy! The hardest part about starting a diet is overcoming the insatiable cravings during the first 48 hours. With my diet plan, you only need to hold out until your next regular meal (you get one per day), when you can indulge in decadent eating. Oh yeah!!!

What works best for me is to east like a bird for breakfast. I prefer oatmeal, farina, grits or some type of grain cereal in cold milk. Avoid diced up melons, as they are high in sugars. Don't eat too much fruit, because they all contain fructose (fruit sugar). Sucrose is sugar from sugar cane. And glucose is sugar in our body. You can eat all the pure meats you want. Fresh beef, fish, chicken, pork or lamb, all contain no sugar or carbohydrates, just protein. It's best for diabetics to drink non-fat milk. I buy the green containers of non-fat milk by Foremost. Beware of the breading on meats. It's the breading on KFC's chicken that is so bad for you (the part I love most).

Now if you are diabetic, and get your sugar level down to the 120-140 range by fasting (which is much better than 375 mg/dl), your sugar level will rise back up very quickly if you eat a giant normal meal (like scuffing down your favorite pizza). You need to get back onto your diet. Your sugar level will plunder if you greatly reduce your consumption of sugars and carbohydrates. The rule of thumb is to fast (eating only green leafy vegetables, salads) when your sugar gets too high. Effectively, you're forcing your sugar down to normal by fasting from foods high in sugar (or turn into sugar). Once your sugar is under control again, then you can eat one normal meal per day. Your sugar may spike a little, but will quickly come down if your stomach is not overfilled with food. Eating two normal meals will make your sugar level rise and stay high, because your body cannot get rid of the food as fast as you're eating it. The bottom line to reduce your sugar, to prevent further damage from diabetes, is to only eat what your body can burn. Any extra food will force your sugar high and stay high, and you'll lose your toes and feet over time. The key word is “discipline.”

It's hard to stick to a diet if you have friends or family inviting you out to eat regularly. It's hard to stick to a diet if your church has regular banquets, dinners, potluck suppers, et cetera. You need to tell everyone that you are diabetic and at risk to lose your limbs if you don't stick to a vegetable diet. Ask them politely if they'll refrain from offering you high sugar foods, deserts, et cetera. In time, when you are about to put that wonderful sweetroll in your mouth, someone will say, “Don't forget your sugar!” As annoying as that may become, thank God if you have someone to help you eat better. I live alone, but I check my sugar daily, so if it gets up to 244, it's fasting time! Lately, I've been eating a whole tray (about 2 dozen) of the small bite-sized sweet tomatoes with each salad. Tomatoes are great for your health, and the natural sugar doesn't hurt you. If you want to have good health, eat what God made, directly from the ground, and avoid anything manmade (anything processed).

Don't Let the Floor Scale Discourage You

Your body's weight can fluctuate wildly. I've been studying my scale and weight lately. I weighed 204.3 when I went to sleep the other night, but when I woke up several hours later I weight an amazing 201.6 pounds. Where did 2.9 pounds go? I didn't stop by the rest room. I didn't sweat profusely during the night. Where do those calories go? I learned that just normally breathing of oxygen, and exhaling carbon dioxide, can account for about one-fourth of a pound lost in weight. This is because the carbon molecules are heavier. Also, the body burns 100 calories per hour, which burns another one-fourth of a pound. Since water weighs 8 pounds per gallon, even draining one quart of urine during the night weighs 2 pounds of weight. So that's 2 1/2 pounds right there accounted for!

My point is that our human body's normal weight fluctuates quite a bit, by up to 10 pounds (if you have a big stomach). My low weight is now at 201.6. If I eat and drink throughout the day, my weight will shoot up to 206.9 and that can seem a bit discouraging. But I have learned not to look at the scale; but rather, my total number of calorie intake for the day. Regardless of what the scale says, I know that I will lose 1/4 of a pound of weight each day if I simply limit my caloric intake to no more than 1000 calories. If you have a more demanding type of work that requires more energy, like a carpenter, then you will need to eat more calories. Please remember that I'm only sharing with you what I am doing to improve my health. Follow my advise at your own peril. If you have medical conditions, you need to check with your doctor before trying anything I'm telling you.

My hope is to simply show you that you can bring your high sugar level down to near normal, in just a few days, as I did, by simply eating less and eating a lot more salads, cucumbers and oatmeal, and getting rid of all your sodas and sugary sweets. I made a cherry and blueberry pie before I started my diet. I ate one slice, then gave the rest of the pie to two stray neighborhood dogs. They loved it!!! If you have those same types of decadent foods surrounding your kitchen, you need to get rid of them. Give them away. Feed them to the neighbour's mutt. Throw them into the garbage if you must, but rid your refrigerator of the decadent high sugary foods that have caused you to run your sugar sky-high. Diabetic high sugar is the result of lack of discipline by us Americans, eating without restraint. We live in a decadent U.S. culture of plenty, excess, indulgence, pleasure and sin.

As you lose weight, you'll notice that the scale follows an erratic zigzag pattern day by day, but gradually trending lower. If you were to measure and record your weight each Monday morning at a certain time, then it would give you a better idea of which direction you are trending, up or down, or on a diet plateau. If you're not losing weight gradually, then it means you are still eating too much and need to do as I said and limit your calories to 1000 calories for your one regular meal. And I mean it! For the rest of the day, count your calories and make sure that the salad and whatever foods you are eating don't go beyond 400 calories total for the day. If you are eating 1400 calories or less per day (and a man burns 2400-2600 calories a day at least), you ought to be able to lose one pound every 4 days. That's 8 pounds per month!!! So maybe you messed up a day or two, here and there, and you only love 5 pounds, but you lost weight!

Losing Weight and Keeping Your Sugar Levels Low

Focus primarily on keeping your sugar levels as close to normal as possible. In so doing, you WILL LOSE WEIGHT as time progresses. You MUST keep your sugar diabetes under control, or you'll suffer a fate worse than death, going out of this life limb by limb, as they amputate your legs and hands. My own dear mother suffered a crippling stroke from smoking Cool brand cigarettes at age 53. She was paralyzed until her death 12 years later at age 65. I watched her suffer inexplicable after she had both legs amputated. Here circulation was poor. She was diabetic, and a chronic smoker. (Pastor Rick Warren points out that the cigarette is doing the smoking, the person puffing on the end of it is just the sucker!) I hate cancer sticks! What a nasty, expensive and self-destructive habit! The ungodly tobacco companies get these poor teenagers hooked on nicotine at the earliest ages, enslaved to a life of buying tens-of-thousands-of-dollars each in packs of cigarettes over a lifetime. Where is justice?

Anyway, I digressed a little bit there. I hate predatory companies that hurt innocent youth. But that's a different sermon for a different day. My main focus right now as concerns my health is to naturally keep my sugar level as close to normal as possible (and it's real close, I tested at 104 mg/dl last night before eating). After eating it rose to 147 mg/dl. I am only a few weeks into my new diet. Anything over 192 pounds of weight is considered obese for me. I am presently at 201.6 lbs. My goal is to gradually lose 30 more pounds and get down to 170 lbs. I started at 217 lbs. If I continue eating no more than 1000 calories once a day, and then eat only fresh green leafy vegetables and low carbohydrate and low sugar foods, I should weight 170 lbs on November 1st, 2016, Lord willing!!! That means losing 8 pounds per month for July, August, September and October, so that on November 1st I ought to weigh approximately 170 lbs. Amen! That's 47 pounds lost weight! That is a lot of weight my friend. Time will tell.

But the greater thing that I so much wanted to share with all my web visitors, is that by God's grace I was able to lower my extremely high blood sugar level from 375 mg/dl down to 104 mg/dl by simply eating one meal a day, instead of eating all day! It is that simple! Anyone can do it. It is so simple that even a caveman can do it! I don't care how fat, out of shape and overweight you may be, you can lower your sugar naturally by simply eating large salads each day, including them into your diet routine. You must cut way back on rices, potatoes and breads of any form (anything containing lots of carbohydrates). You must drink only plain water and non-sweetened tea. No deserts, ever! Not until your diet is over. But like I said, if you're pigging out all evening on cheese sticks, pizza rolls, egg rolls, cinnamon buns, hotdogs, spam and fried rice, forget everything I'm sharing with you and JUST GO DIE, because that is what is going to happen to you pal! Sorry, it's the truth!

Don't Let Others Decide How Much Food You Eat

I know many people think wasting food is a sin, but don't you think eating until your legs need to be amputated is a greater sin? I certain do! Hence, I am now in the habit of throwing some of my food from restaurants in ther garbage. There's a little Asian restaurant that I enjoy eating at. It's a meal to go. I buy their chicken teriyaki special. They start with a couple scoops of white or fried rice, top it with fried cabbage and fresh grilled chicken. There's some carrot bits, and it's topped with teriyaki sauce. It is one of my favorite meals, because it is fresh off the grill and healthy. But, I won't eat all that rice. I try to remember to tell them not to put as much rice. But if I forget, I'd 100 times rather toss that extra rice into the trash, than to spike my sugar level by eating it. The problem is that American restaurants serve TOO MUCH FOOD to us, which is one main reason Americans are so fat!

I read in one of Dr. Jack Hyles' books, that he'll purchase a pack of two Recess peanut butter cups and throw one of them away. Pastor Hyles explains how Americans are overweight because the food companies decide how much we ought to eat. If I am willing to pay the same price for just one peanut butter cup, what gives the food companies the right to decide how much I should eat? No wonder we are all so fat in the United States! I agree 100% with Dr. Hyles. So I decide how much I eat, not the restaurant or food companies. Usually, I eat half of my meal and ask to have the rest wrapped to go (depending on the size of the meal).

A Dieting Mindset That Works—I Can Eat One Favorite Meal Per Day!

Here is how I eat. Now this is for me. Everybody is different, but this has been working wonderful for me, and I feel so much better and healthier. It is important not to crash diet and starve your body. To do so will make your stomach hurt, you'll feel weak and dizzy and you won't be able to sustain your diet to lose weight. And may I say, there are two different things to consider for type II diabetics. The first thing is getting your sugar down to normal as quick as possible (you don't need drugs!). The second is losing weight over the long-term, so that you'll reverse your diabetes and the risk of heart disease (and all kinds of health problems that being overweight causes). The diet that I am following is accomplishing BOTH for me.

I cannot speak for type I diabetics, because I have type II. The difference is this—type I means that the pancreas has stopped producing insulin for some reason (or never did at all); whereas type II means the pancreas is working fine, you're just too fat for it to produce enough insulin to get the sugar into your cells. It's that simple! Type II diabetes can easily be controlled by proper diet, exercise (which burns sugar as energy), and losing weight to reduce the burden upon your pancreas. Type I is permanent, but I would imagine all of the same benefits of proper diet, exercise and losing weight apply as well. It certainly couldn't hurt I would think. Please understand that I only wrote this article to share with others what is working FOR ME personally. Everyone's body is the same in some ways, and unique in others, and I do not know all the differences. I'm just a normal person who has discovered that I was able to bring my high sugar level under control by simply eating less, drastically cutting carbs and sugars from my diet, a bit more walking, and drinking only water and sugar-free beverages. And by the way, I would never drink diet sodas with Aspartame poison. Thank God for ice water (with perhaps a slice of lemon).

There are different mindsets to dieting. This is an interesting thing that I didn't realize before. Your mindset is everything in a diet. For example: My diabetes doctor had suggested that I knock off 500 calories a day from my daily intake of food, which theoretically would mean losing a pound each week (burning 4,000 calories equals one pound). It just doesn't work for me! I can't eat 6 slices of pizza and not eat the last 2. I can't eat 3 tacos and not eat the 4th.

But what I can do is eat a few slices of pizza for lunch (no more than 1,000 calories). A Tombstone pizza contains 1,800 calories. I usually eat the whole pizza!!! So I can eat half of a Tombstone pizza for lunch. But that's only if I had a small bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats (1 cup regular milk with about 20 small biscuits). It's best to use no fat milk, but I still use regular milk, depending on what I have. But that's all I eat for breakfast. Maybe I'll eat an apple too. The reason why I can eat so little for breakfast is because I am looking forward to eating that half of a pizza for lunch (with water to drink). A Coke will ruin everything! Sodas spike your sugar!!! And then for dinner I'll have a big salad. Tonight, I diced up half of a cucumber and sprinkled sea salt on the slices. I was hungry a few hours ago, so I ate a whole can of green beans (which is packed in some sea salt). The green beans have very low carbohydrates and sugars, and only 75 calories for the entire can!!! It's a great snack.

I understand that most dieticians recommend eating a big breakfast. The saying is to eat like a king for breakfast, a queen for lunch, and pauper for dinner. The idea is to eat the most for breakfast, so you'll burn those calories off as they day progresses. It all depends on you, your preferences, your schedule, your work, et cetera. To each his own. I like to eat just a small breakfast. I often eat a half a cup of plain oatmeal (with water). No brown sugar or anything, just 100% rolled oats! That's the big round container of Quaker oats! I might eat a couple teaspoons full of cottage cheese, eating it right from the container. I love cottage cheese! I eat a light breakfast, just enough to take my pain medications. I don't like taking any pills on an empty stomach. I either eat a normal lunch, or a normal dinner. If I am anticipating a normal dinner, or going out to eat, then I will have a very small lunch. A typical lunch for me would be two fish fillets, baked, with a can of green beans. I really like Mahi Mahi fish and Grouper. I don't care for Pink Salmon. Fish is awesome food, because it is very high in protein and contains no sugars or carbohydrates. You can also have chicken in a can, or chicken breast (without the breading, which is carbohydrates).

I have to admit that I love Kentucky Fried Chicken's chicken thighs, original recipe. I crave those 11 herbs and spices. That's manna from Heaven, angel's food. Although consider a Triple Killer Food, KFC is perfectly acceptable in your diet if you eat that one meal for the day (which is your normal meal for the day), and then you eat oatmeal for breakfast and a big salad for dinner. Your total calories for the day won't exceed 1,000 calories! So you only eat 1,000 calories for the day, you still get to eat a 2-piece KFC meal (with 1 corn bread, a small mashed potatoes with extra gravy and a corn on the cob). You eat an apple, oatmeal or some type of grain for breakfast. You eat a salad for dinner.

If your craving are bad, you can eat all the garlic dill pickles you want! Pickles are just cucumbers in vinegar. Don't eat sweet pickles in sugar. A large 46 ounce jar of dill pickles only contains 125 calories (the whole jar). There's no sugars and virtually no carbohydrates. It's a great snack food. You can snack on sliced cucumbers sprinkled with salt. Although there is sodium in anything canned or pickled, the amount of sodium is negligible if you're drinking plenty of water and eating less. Keep in mind that anything canned or packaged contains sodium as a preservative, so you should limit the amount of packaged and canned foods you consume anyway.

I love a great salad. I take a fresh head of iceberg lettuce and cut it in half. I have a big plastic container that I use for my salad. I need to buy a big bowl. I sprinkle small amounts of bacon bits, cheddar cheese, parmesan cheese on top of the salad (no more than a teaspoon of each). Use no more than one tablespoon of ranch dressing, or whatever your favorite is. One tablespoon of salad dressing contains 120 calories, so use it sparingly. Eat your salad nice and slowly! Enjoy it! The little tidbits of bacon bits, cheese and salad dressing are your rewards for eating a healthy salad (rabbit food, amen!).

By looking forward to eating one normal meal per day, it will motivate you to continue your diet. Now if you sneak in extra decadent foods (the bad stuff), you wont lose weight and your sugar level will rise. A man's body burns 2220 calories a day at rest, and a woman's body burns 1800 calories. If you exercise in moderation, you'll burn 3000-4000 calories a day. I can't really do much as far as physical activity due to my stenosis, displaced disks and radiculopathy. Everything I do aggravates my neck pain. I have been walking more, but it is nowhere near as effective as simply eating considerably less and eating a healthy diet. I've lost 20 pounds so far since I began dieting. I eat no more than 1000 calories a day. I believe most health experts advise not to go below 1200 calories a day, but I am comfortable with 1000 calories.

When eating only 1000 calories a day, it is very important to eat a variety of foods, to make sure that your body gets the four main food groups (i.e., meat, dairy, vegetables and grain). Put another way, your body needs fat, protein and carbohydrates. We Americans eat all the wrong foods. Most of us consume foods that are high in fat and carbohydrates, and not enough protein. Some fats are good, but not the greasy cheeseburger fats off the grill. There is enough sugar produced from the carbohydrates that we eat, so we really don't need any of the extra sugar that we all love so much in our poor American diet. If you are diabetic, you should eliminate all sugary foods from your diet (or kindly, you can lose your legs to amputation).

I have so much to say to help you conquer diabetes naturally and easily, please keep reading.

Sugary chocolate cake, ice cream and candy bars will kill you! If you want to get your sugar under control, then you've got to get rid of the bad foods that are causing your sugar to be so high! Soda pop spikes your sugar. And no bananas! Bananas are high in sugar content, and they release the sugar very quickly, which spikes your sugar level. Avoid all fruit juices, because they are all high in processed sugars (natural or unnatural doesn't matter, all are bad). Strawberries contain sugar, but it is not the same as the processed sugar in chocolate cake. The sugar in strawberries releases slowly into your blood, which won't spike your sugar level. Eat strawberries in moderation, but you can have them. I use frozen strawberries and make smoothies in my 900 Watt Nutri-Ninja (a great investment).

Apples are beautiful! They are catabolic, meaning that they burn more calories than they contain. Also, apples are high in malic acid, which burns away bad cholesterol in your arteries! It is ridiculous that so many people buy supplements at GNC and Vitamin World (I like Vitamin World best), like cranberry concentrate and malic acid tablets. Why not just eat cranberries and apples? When you take pills, you don't get the benefit of the pulp from the apples and cranberries, and the fibers that help your intestines. I don't think it is healthy to put all those supplement powders from pills and tablets from GNC, Vitamin World, et cetera. Nothing can substitute for good ole healthy eating. Sometimes I'll just eat 6-7 cherry tomatoes (any variety of small tomatoes) for breakfast. Good stuff! Avoid bacon, eggs and hash browns for breakfast, unless this is your one normal meal for the deal. If it is, then eat perhaps an avocado salad for lunch (water to drink, or sugar free tea). Subway sandwiches are bad, because all those carbohydrates in the bread turns into lots of sugar! Avoid breads. Higher grain breads are healthier, but still contain lots of carbohydrates.

Different assorted types of beans are great for diabetics, which are high in fiber and greatly help the body's health. To eliminate stomach gas, put a teaspoon of baking soda into a pot with a couple quarts of tap water. Add the desired amount of beans to cook. Bring it to a boil and then turn the heat off, DO NOT remove the lid, and allow to sit for 2 hours. Drain the water and rinse the beans. Put beans back into pot with 2 quarts of pure water. Bring to a simmer until desired tenderness, which should be very soon. Season to taste with garlic powder, onion powder, crushed red pepper, salt and black pepper (usually about 1/4 teaspoon of each). We learn from Daniel in the Old Testament the nutritional benefits of beans and lentils.

I've read quite a bit about canned vegetables and they are perfectly healthy, and in many cases even better than fresh produce. Canned vegetables are packed immediately at harvest time, whereas fresh vegetables may have been sitting for a week or two before you buy it at the store. Frozen vegetables are also packaged right at harvest, but without the salt. Still, the small amount of sea salt is negligible. My favorite brand is Blue Lake green beans. Canned corn is ok, but high in sugar, so eat it sparingly. Get into the habit of reading labels. If you are diabetic, or think you are diabetic, ask your doctor for a prescription for an ACCU-CHEK unit. I have the Aviva model. It's about $50. You need a doctor's prescription to buy the ACCU-CHEK test strips, which each have a little computer circuit inside. It's pretty high tech stuff if you ask me. I just checked my sugar level and it is 127 mg/dl (milligrams per deciliter). So 127 mg/dl could also be expressed as 1.27 grams of glucose per liter. There's 1000 grams in one liter. As you can see, there is not much sugar in the body at all, compared to the 5 liters of blood in an averaged sized human body. Sugar as high as 3 grams per liter can completely destroy your health, leading to kidney failure, heart disease and limb amputation.

By the way, everything I am telling you has nothing to do with exercise. Even if you don't walk or exercise AT ALL, you can get your blood sugar under control by just doing what I am going to share with you. Walking is a bonus, and helps our cardiovascular system tremendously. However, from the research I've done (and you can verify this online), it would be much more beneficial to get your heart-rate up between 120-150 beats for just 5 minutes each day, then to walk for a hour a day. Taking long walks is good, but getting your heart-rate up for just a few minutes is much better. It helps improve blood circulation.

Diabetes And Blurred Eye Vision

One of the first and most frustrating symptoms of high blood sugar damage is blurry vision. This doesn't necessarily mean that the back of your eyes have been damaged. Diabetes causes the blood vessels in the back of the eyes to leak, causing blurred vision. I had my eyes tested recently by an ophthalmologist (eye doctor) and thank God, he said I don't have any vessel leakage yet from diabetes. I've been having some difficulty reading, so I went to have my eyes checked. The high sugar caused 20/25 vision in one eye, and 20/30 in the other. I paid $350 for new glasses, but since I brought my blood sugar under control, my vision has returned to normal. I haven't worn my glasses yet! Amen! The eye doctor told me that high blood sugar commonly causes blurry vision. He said that having high blood sugar for as little as 6 months can cause extensive damage to the body's nerve endings, eyes and overall health. Diabetes is known as “The Silent Killer,” because by the time most people realize that they have diabetic damage, IT IS TOO LATE!!!

If you have self-induced (from overeating) type II diabetes... GET YOUR BLOOD SUGAR UNDER CONTROL BY YOURSELF... You don't need your death-dealing druggy doctor!!! Eat less! Eat better! Cut out all sugars! Cut out most of your carbohydrates (rice, pastas, potatoes and breads). I DID IT IN ONE WEEK!!! I went from 399 mg/dl to 112 mg/dl blood sugar level in one week!!! Normal is supposed to be 70 mg/dl to 125 mg/dl. All I did was eat one normal meal a day, drink only water, and eat lots of salads. And by the way... chicken, fish, pork and meats have no sugars or carbohydrates! So you can eat plenty of them as a diabetic.

Can Diabetic Numbness in My Feet and Toes Be Reversed?

Yes! I covered some of this earlier, but here is some more to help you my friend. When my left toe started feeling “dead” to touch, it scared me much. I couldn't feel my toe when sliding the blanket over it in bed. My toe felt weird when walking, like it wasn't there. It made walking frustrating. It is really amazing how much our body depends upon the toes for balance, feel, touch and pressing down pedals, et cetera. So in desperation to see if my own left toe's numbness could be reversed, I found numerous informative homeopathic (natural healing) websites, including the following awesome information about the healing properties of amino acids...

Reverse Nerve Damage With This Safe, Effective Solution

The Institute for Natural Healing | October 5, 2015

The amino acid acetyl-L-carnitine relieves pain from neuropathy.

It happens to diabetics and chemotherapy patients. It also happens to people suffering from auto-immune diseases, certain viruses, and nutrition problems. Sometimes you develop it just because you’re aging. Your doctor’s name for it is neuropathy. It’s crippling, painful—and sometimes deadly—nerve damage. The symptoms are frightening. Your skin may go numb and you can’t tell hot from cold. Or you can’t feel your feet, so it’s hard to walk without falling over. It can cause intense pain and prevent your major organs from working properly.

...There is a natural way to make nerve pain go away. Researchers found that neuropathy sufferers could feel their arms and feet again after they took a certain supplement.

This cheap, common amino acid even helps repair nerve fibers… The natural pain-reliever is acetyl-L-carnitine. It’s called ALC for short. ALC is everywhere in your body, including your brain. You need it for energy. Studies show ALC reduces neuropathy pain symptoms five times better for patients who took ALC than for people who took a placebo. A study of over 1,200 people shows ALC relieves numbness and pain, and helps repair nerves.

Your liver, kidney, and brain make all the ALC you need when you’re young and healthy. When you exercise regularly, you’re likely to have more of it. But sometimes you don’t have enough when you’re older or sick, even if you exercise a lot. You can find this nutrient in meat, especially mutton, cod, and chicken. There’s a bit of it in asparagus. But you won’t make a lot of it from your diet so you might want to supplement ALC.

You should take ALC supplements with alpha-lipoic acid and foods that are high in vitamin C. A full B vitamin complex will also help ALC work better.

ALC is safe and well-tolerated. It treats nerve pain and reverses nerve damage after it starts. And it prevents nerve damage from happening in the first place. Even if you’re not suffering from neuropathy, ALC will help preserve your health and prevent decaying of nerve fibers in the brain and everywhere else.

SOURCE: INH—Reverse Nerve Damage With This Safe, Effective, Solution

Amen! So I went down to my local Vitamin World store and loaded up on Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL (1000 mg). As you read in the previous article, it is recommended to always take Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL with another amino acid called, Alpha Lipoic Acid (600 mg). I take one pill of each on an empty stomach, sometimes with food if I forget to take it while it's empty. I also bought a combined form of the product at Vitamin World, which comes with both amino acids all-in-one. These combined pills contain 400 mg of Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL (free form), and 200 mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid. The product is advertised as “supporting nerve function,” and “supports sugar metabolism and healthy aging.” Of course, the FDA never evaluates any of these claims.

Well, let me tell you this confidently my friend—whoever you may be—the tingling and numbness in my left toe has slightly diminished since I have brought my blood sugar under control—and since I have been taking the Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL and Alpha Lipoic Acid supplements (twice daily as recommended on the bottle) to promote better nerve system health. I don't know which of these two, or both of them, or neither, have alleviated my symptoms. My guess is that the lowering of my sugar level from being continually over 300 for several months, but is now stable between 104 and 157 by simply eating less and eliminating nearly all carbohydrates and sugars from my diet, has helped the nerves in my feet. Scientists still don't know why high sugar damages nerve endings. Some researchers believe that high blood sugar poisons, in a sort of way, the nerves and they die. High blood sugar is toxic to the body's wellbeing. High blood pressure combined with high blood sugar exponentially wreaks havoc on the human body, ruining the kidneys, eyes and nerves.

I am a firm believer in homeopathic medicine. I have seen it work firsthand, and it is legitimate science and medicine. The average drug-dealing doctor is what is called an “allopathic” doctor, who only treats the patient's symptoms. The “homeopathic” doctor however, treats who whole body. If you ever go to an allopathic doctor who cannot help you, please go see a homeopathic doctor and you just might be amazed.

You can cure your own diabetes in just one week! Start now by eating a big salad. Any type of lettuce is fine. Go easy on the dressing. Add some bacon bits, red vinegar perhaps, and definitely a diced up fresh avocado. Drink at least a pint of fresh water (not toxic tap water). Also, cucumber slices during the afternoon, sprinkled with sea salt, will do wonders to lower your blood sugar!

I hope something in this article (book... lol) has been helpful to you, and that it has encouraged you as much as I have enjoyed sharing all this wealth of information with you. God bless!

John 8:32 and 36, “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free ...
If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.”

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