Adding Lithium to Water for Suicidal Americans?

       Dr. Archelle Georgiou on FOX 9 in Minneapolis says researchers are considering adding lithium to the U.S. water supply to help decrease the suicide rate. Here's the loony news video...

This is so crazy! Nevermind teaching children about God in public schools; the experts would rather add Lithium to American's water supply to lower the suicide rate. This is so insane. What a bunch of nutcases! Where will modern man end up? With the blessing of modern technology, it has become an even bigger threat and curse upon our privacy and freedoms. It is recommended that we all drink filtered or natural water.

People are increasingly committing suicide largely because of America's Godless evil society. Americans just don't get it! There has been a Communist agenda at work for decades to destroy America. Martin Luther King Jr. was involved in at least 60 known Communist front organizations. The Civil Rights Movement was actually a Trojan Horse for breaking down America morally, destroying the family unit, destroying patriotism, destroying Christianity, destroying the economy—all intended to bring to fruition a New World Order, i.e., a Global Godless Totalitarian Communist Police State. The people who laugh at such a claim are the Kool-Aid drinking, mainstream media, idiots who are serving the Devil.

If researchers, doctors and societies' movers and shakers want to reduce the suicide rate, how about putting daily prayer and Bible reading back into the public school system? How about cleaning up TV of violence, sex and filth? How about cleaning up the music industry of all the filthy, reprobate and immoral music? Instead, the experts want to add lithium metal to our drinking water?

The Root Cause of Societies' Problems—APOSTASY!

As America's marriages, families and personal lives are being utterly destroyed; the same underlying destructive forces are still at work in society. Instead of fixing the problem, it just keeps getting worse.

A large book can be written about all the evil forces at work to destroy America's marriages and families. My website ministry is a pulpit that exposes many of these evils. However, the root cause is apostasy, i.e., a turning away from the God of the Bible. As a whole, American society has abandoned the God of the Bible. I often use the phrase, “God of the Bible,” because a lot of people profess faith in God while rejecting or taking the Bible lightly. Jesus said in John 4:24 that God and truth are inseparable. If you profess faith in God, but not the Bible; then you are a misguided fool.

It is tragic how many people sing “God Bless America,” while disregarding the Bible's prohibition against abortion killing, drunkenness, homosexuality, lust, immodest clothing on women, gambling, covetousness, chanting idolatrous vain repetitions in the Rosary, et cetera. God will not bless an evil nation. Apostasy is America's root cause of wickedness and immorality. Our days are numbered as a free nation. Dumping Lithium into the drinking water to drug the public is not going to restore God's blessing upon America.

In a society where there is much religion, but little love of the truth; it is not surprising that there is increased suicide. America is highly religious and also highly apostate, go figure. God and religion are at two opposite extremes these days. God's Spirit is truth (1st John 5:6), and His Word is truth (John 17:17), and He must be worshipped in truth (John 4:24). The truth can be dealt with; but a lie cannot. The Catholic religion is a fraud, a sham, no church at all. The reason why so many people are blinded, and continue to be blinded, is because they do not love the truth, and so they will be damned when the Lord returns or they perish in their sins.

The Communist Agenda to Destroy America

Although there are hundreds of individual destructive forces relentlessly at work to destroy marriages, families, churches and our nation; one main truth must be remembered, i.e., there is a Communist agenda which has been at work since 1775 when the Illuminati began. This plot is well explained and put into perspective in William Guy Carr's (1895-1959)excellent book, PAWNS IN THE GAME.

If one understands this foundational truth, then it is much easier to grasp the true demonic nature of numerous organizations today, such as the eugenics group, Planned Herodhood; the Satan worshiping, Lucis Trust (originally, The Lucifer Trust, which prints all of the United Nation's publications; the United Nations, which is merely a front organization for the banks; the Federal Reserve System, intended to finance the New World Order at the expense of bankrupting the American people, et cetera. William Guy Carr calls them “Banksters,” and rightfully so. G. Edward Griffin exposes these elite Banksters for what they are, a gang of thieving criminals.

The ruling elite who controls the banks, the newsmedia, the military, the music industry, Hollywood, the highest levels of government, the housing industry and now the healthcare industry, are all members of the occult, by which Satan (the god of this evil world—2nd Corinthians 4:4), controls the world.

This is evidenced by the occult pyramid on every U.S. dollar, the All Seeing Eye of Horus mocking us at the 911 Memorial, the display of these symbols on thousands of corporate logos, the saturation of the music industry with Satanism and occultism, thousands of occult symbols located throughout Washington D.C., et cetera.

All the newsmedia does is blame people, instead of looking at the root causes of societies' woes. If you understand that there is an agenda, then you can begin to see the big picture. The mainstream newsmedia is owned and thus controlled by the same occult members behind all of the evils corrupting America today. Proof of this fact was a chilling statement made by CFR Chairman David Rockefeller, acknowledging their control over the lying newsmedia...

David Rockefeller“We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.”

David Rockefeller

The average American is woefully ignorant, which as you've read from Mr. Rockefeller, has been according to plan. There is no greater weapon used against the common man than his own ignorance. This is why public school children have been deliberately dumbed-down in America. They've grown up to be brainwashed morons. This is American society today.

The whole intent behind Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto (specifically the 10th plank calling for a public school system) was to remove parental control, to destroy the family unit, faith in God and all sense of patriotic loyalty. Is it any wonder why children, who have no moral compass, are growing up to become casualties and many commit suicide?

Americans Get What We Deserve!

Eve sinned in Genesis 3:6 out of ignorance. The Bible says she was deceived, for had she known THE TRUTH she would not have eaten of the forbidden fruit. Satan conned her. Eve, just as the American public today, believed a lie. We have been conned. When will the American sheeple wake up?

The era of the New World Order has begun, beginning with the 911 attacks. The Global Gulag is upon us. 2nd Thessalonians 2:10 tells us that the masses of this world will eagerly follow the Antichrist because, “they received not the love of the truth that they might be saved.

The Insanity of Today's World

When people abandon God, they embrace Satan whether they know it or not. Jesus warned Peter that Satan desired to have him, to sift him as wheat (Luke 22:31). Satan desires to have you too (1st Peter 5:7). It is creepy what the Devil inspires people to do to themselves, evidenced on TV shows such as Fear factor, Jack Ass, Ripley's Believe-it-or-Not, and other bizarre shows. Several followers of the Goth culture had Devil horns surgically implanted into their forehead. Others had fish hooks pierced through their body and were suspended from a helicopter solely by the hooks. Many people have had the white part of their eye tattooed, just one eye. Some people have had their tongues split into two, having to learn to talk all over again.

The Bible tells us that when the demon-possessed maniac of Gadarenes found Jesus, he was sitting at Jesus' feet and in his right mind. Amen! Luke 8:35, “Then they went out to see what was done; and came to Jesus, and found the man, out of whom the devils were departed, sitting at the feet of Jesus, clothed, and in his right mind: and they were afraid.” I love this Scripture. The entire city knew that this man was insane, running around naked, living in the wild (Luke 8:27). The Bible says that when the man found Jesus, he put his clothes back on and was in his right mind. Amen! Jesus is the cure for nudity!

It is laughable that anyone would even suggest putting Lithium into America's water supply, to deter people from committing suicide, when we live in a morally-rotten society that promotes organizations such as GLSEN (Gay Lesbian Straight Educational Network). Obama has Appointed GLSEN Founder, Kevin Jennings, to Head the “Safe Schools” Effort.

GLSEN is a poisonous organization that is aggressively pushing the homosexual and transgender agenda on kids through their clubs in the public schools and elsewhere”

Brian Camenker of


GLSEN is going nationwide, and God's judgment is already upon our nation because of our wickedness. It is no coincidence that 37.2 million Americans are now receiving government Food Stamps. Why do you think our economy is in shambles? God isn't doing this to us, the criminals Banksters are; but it's our nation's love for sin that has made Americans soft, complacent, indifferent and spineless. Americans are gladly boarding the train to Auschwitz. God is giving us over to our afflicters. God has stopped blessing America. We are now headed for the abyss.


There are many destructive forces at work in America today, all intended to destabilize marriages, destroy the family unit and destroy our nation's sovereignty—Hellivision, the filth of Hollywood, the evils of Walt Disney, Rock 'N' Roll, the rebellion of Feminism, easy divorce, abortion, idolatry, corrupt Bibles, apostate churches, the deliberate trashing of our economy by the Banksters, the treasonous Federal Reserve System, the bogus lies of Evolution, et cetera.

Of all these evils, and hundreds more which are undermining American society, it's bizarre that some whacko experts want to add Lithium to our nation's water supply to prevent suicides.

Above: The Average American