The Revolutionary Reign of Terror

       Study of the methods employed by the Illuminati’s agents in Spain, is of great value to those who would protect their country from the danger of similar tribulations.  Revolutionary leaders have Cells occupy key positions in jails, prisons, and asylums.  Their purpose is to control these institutions so they can release the anti-social elements under detention, and use them as shock troops during the revolt.  In every revolution to date the anti-social prisoners, and the criminally insane, have been used to arouse the blood-lust in the mob and thus introduce the “Reign of Terror” which, the revolutionary leaders calculate, will cause the general public to surrender in the quickest possible time.[1]

The prison policy in Madrid was influenced greatly by the advice given the authorities in the Popular Front government by ‘General’ Kleber, the Canadian-Russian, who, after taking theoretical training in the Lenin Institute in Moscow, was sent to Spain to serve Stalin and obtain practical experience in revolutionary warfare.

As soon as the Popular Front government took office in March 1936, the extreme Leftist members insisted that an Amnesty Bill be passed, granting liberty to all those who had taken part in the Asturian rebellion.  In addition to this small army of revolutionaries, 30,000 others, who had been arrested as Communists, were given their liberty.  After July 17th, another 40,000 common criminals were released on condition they would bear arms in the Loyalist army.  Revolutionary leaders liquidate most of the common criminals after they have served their purpose.  By doing so, they convince a great many people that the atrocities committed during the revolution were the crimes of irresponsibles acting on their own initiative, and not in accordance with a pre-conceived plan of terrorism.

These were the conditions existing when General Franco decided he would try to save Spain from Communistic tyranny.  Many books have been written telling how Franco, and a mere handful of Spanish generals, finally managed to defeat the Communist plot.  It is an exciting story of courage, and fortitude, and great faith in their Christian Crusade.  As soon as Franco issued his proclamation, the Red undersecretaries for army, navy, and air ordered the communist cells to liquidate all officers listed as enemies.  This task was carried out with great thoroughness.  Communist cells had been placed in the mechanical, communications, and signals branches of the services.  This proved the organizers were sticking to the pattern laid down for the English, French, Russian, and German revolts.

Taken by surprise, nearly two-thirds of the officers were murdered cold-bloodedly during the initial stages of the attack.  The mutineers tried to convince other ranks and ratings that they were carrying out the government’s orders, and executing officers who had been convicted as enemies of the Popular Front government.

Many men would not believe what they were told.  Before long it was not uncommon for one warship to be seen firing at a range of only a few yards into another.  In one case, the fore-turret was manned by Reds and the after turret of the same ship manned by anti-reds.  The massacres which started aboard the ships spread to the dock-yards and the cities in which they were located.

There might have been some excuse for the drastic action taken against the officers who could be expected to take sides with Franco, but it is impossible to excuse the terrorism which the Communists, acting as soldiers and police of the Popular Front government inflicted upon the unarmed, and unsuspecting populace.  The imposition of terrorism proved, at the cost of hundreds of thousands of innocent lives, that Lenin’s policy had been accepted.  He ruled that terrorism had to accompany every violent effort to overthrow a government because terrorism was the most economic method of subjugating the masses quickly and thoroughly.

It must be remembered that the leaders of a revolution don’t consider the effort entirely wasted if it doesn’t end in a proletarian dictatorship.  Every revolt against constituted government and lawful authority is considered by those who plot and plan revolutionary efforts as a step in the right direction.  If the effort falls short of success that is bad, but not hopeless.  It doesn’t matter how many people are killed.  They are just pawns in the game.  They are expendable.  It is extraordinary how few of the top-level revolutionary leaders get killed during a rebellion.[2]  It is accepted as good revolutionary technique, to sacrifice the masses and preserve the members of the Illuminati, for they are to govern the new order.  Even in ordinary strikes the Reds usually stir up the trouble, and then sneak away.  They leave the other workers to do the actual fighting with the police or militia.

The following facts are given to prove that during a revolution everyone who is not a party member or a fellow traveller, may expect no mercy of any kind.  Even Fellow Travellers are liquidated after they have been used to advantage.

Prior to July, 1936, the directors of the W.R.M. had literally flooded Madrid with agents.  Moses Rosenberg arrived as Moscow’s ambassador to Madrid.  Anteneff Avseenko arrived in Barcelona.  Dimitrov arrived to personally conduct the religious persecutions planned to follow the Communist Coup.  During the Civil War Rosenberg ruled as tzar of Madrid.  Avseenko assumed command of the Catalan Red Army.  Rosenberg organized the Chekas in Spain and saw that they carried out their work of spying out more and more victims.

Moscow’s agents organized “Purification Squads”.  Officially their duty was to seek out Fascists but secretly they liquidated all those who had been previously listed as reactionaries to the Illuminati’s plan for subjugation of Spain.  These lists had been compiled by Communist spies who had been worked into the Union of Concierges; (house and apartment janitors) the tax departments, the Postal Services, and other public offices.  The lists of those to be liquidated were very complete because Moscow’s spies, some disguised as scissors and knife grinders, had covered every district, street by street and house by house.  All citizens were listed according to their political, labour, social, and religious standing and affiliations.  When the order for the Reign of Terror to start was given, the Communists worked with the sureness, the ferocity, and the thoroughness, of starved brutes.  Stalin had once stated :  “It is better that a hundred innocent people die than one reactionary should escape.”  They obeyed this order with devilish persistency.

So others who live in countries not yet subjugated may understand what happens during a reign of terror, some actual atrocities will be described.

On July 17th, 1936, a group of Communists wearing the uniforms of government troops called at the Dominican Convent in Barcelona.  The leader informed the Mother Superior that because mob violence was feared he had orders to escort the sisters to a place of safety.  The sisters gathered together their few belongings and, unsuspectingly, accompanied the soldiers who took them to the suburbs where they murdered them all.  The leader callously remarked afterwards, “We needed the building.  We didn’t want to muss it up before we occupied it.[3]

Senor Salvans was a known anti-Communist.  Three times purification squads visited his home in Barcelona.  When the third visit produced no information regarding his whereabouts, the Reds murdered the whole family of eight.  That vile deed was performed in accordance with paragraphs 15 and 16 of the instructions already referred to.

One of the most senseless acts of violence ever committed in the name of “Liberty ... Equality ... Fraternity”, was the murder of sixteen lay-brothers who worked voluntarily as male nurses in the largest hospital in Barcelona.  Their only crime was that they belonged to a religious order.  The fact that they nursed all who were sick, regardless of class, colour, or creed, made no difference to those who ordered their “liquidation”. E.M. Godden, who published Conflict in Spain, on page 72 reported :  “The slaughter of the living was accompanied by derision for the dead.  During the last week of July, 1936, the bodies of nuns were exhumed from their graves and propped up outside the walls of their convents.  Obscene, and offensive, placards were attached to their bodies.”

My cousin, Tom Carr, was a Mining Engineer in Spain from 1919 till 1938.  He was married to the daughter of Mr. Allcock, the American Consul of Huelva.  One of Caballero’s 5th Columnists had been elected mayor of Huelva.  When Moscow gave the word, he turned over the civic administration to the Communists.  Their first act was to torture, and then murder all the priests.  The nuns were stripped naked and driven from the convents into the streets to provide sport for the revolutionaries.[4]

Godden also states that he interviewed two English women who only escaped molestation because they were foreigners.  These two women told Godden they had been forced to witness a mob of men and women act like fanatical dervishes.  In the first instance the Reds tortured and mocked a priest before they finally hung his dismembered body and limbs from a statue of the Blessed Virgin.  In the second instance the mob drilled a hole through the body of a young priest and then, while he was still living, transfixed him with a crucifix.

In September, 1936, Pere Van Rooy, famous French author, reported Dimitrov as saying :  “We are reproached with destroying the churches and convents of Spain.  What does the destruction of a few convents and churches matter ?  We are out to create a new world.[5]

A Committee, which officially investigated Communist atrocities in Spain in 1939, agreed that a conservative estimate placed 50,000 as the number of citizens liquidated in Barcelona as “reactionaries”, between July, 1936, and December, 1937.  In Valencia the number was set at 30,000.  In Madrid they estimated that fully one tenth of the whole population was systematically murdered to make Spain into another totalitarian state.[6]

To illustrate what happened when the Reds took over control in Spain, I will quote some other independent witnesses.  Marcel M. Dutrey, the famous French author, stated :  “At Castre Urdiales the Communist Military commandant was an ex-municipal policeman who had been dismissed for theft.  The new Chief of Police had previously made his living making and selling obscene postcards.  The public prosecutor was the illegitimate son of a woman who had previously been a well-known streetwalker.  He was nicknamed “Son-of-his-mother”.  The Red Tribunal was presided over by a miner who was assisted by two “Assessors” ... All these men were sadists.  They glorified in carrying out the sentences they themselves imposed on their victims.  They opened the stomach of Vincent Mura;  they martyred Julie Yanko publicly in the market square;  they dismembered Varez, the famous Spanish racing motorist, on the grounds that he refused to betray his friends into their hands.”

Mr. Arthur Bryant, who wrote the preface to the fully evidenced, and authenticated, report on “Communist Atrocities in Spain” remarked on several occasions “Soviet agents obtained such a control of the communications systems that only reports favourable to their cause got into the majority of the world’s newspapers, but, on the other hand, the most outrageous lies against the Franco forces were conjured up and given to the press of the world without let or hindrance.”  Bryant was so disgusted with what he saw that he wrote :  “No university lecturer, or anonymous B.B.C. commentator[7] has told the just, and compassionate, British people the truth about the women of San Martin de Valdeiglesias.  For no greater crime than that they were found to possess some religious emblem, the women in San Martin de Valdeiglesias were condemned to be violated, and to satiate every vile passion, of twenty-five Red Militia men each.  The fact that the fathers of some of the women had been imprisoned, and were under sentence of death, and that their mothers were forced to be present to witness the degradation of their daughters, was not sufficient to dissuade the Red Militia men from carrying out the sentence.  The horrors of the hours suffered by these women had terrible effects on some of their minds.  The survivors related how, again and again, they implored their executioners to kill them rather than submit them to such dreadful dishonour.  The appalling cruelty of such atrocities can be realized by the fact that many of the condemned women were married, and when they were conducted between militiamen, before this pitiless tribunal, they carried children in their arms, and these children were witnesses of this culmination of the horror in the dishonour of their mothers.”[8]

It is little wonder that the secret power directing the W.R.M. said :  “Communists should not be required to carry out their plan of Terrorism in the localities in which they had lived with their families, but had to be used elsewhere.”

Every Communist will declare that these atrocities were committed by “Uncontrollables” who were punished when they were caught.  So that no person may be deceived by such lies I will again quote Lenin, the first canonized saint of the Illuminati totalitarian creed.  Lenin said on various occasions :  “There are no morals in politics, there is only expediency.  A scoundrel may be of use to us just because he is a scoundrel.”

On another occasion he said :  “Young revolutionaries should start training for war immediately, by means of practical operations such as liquidating a traitor, killing a spy, blowing up a police station, or robbing a bank to provide funds for the uprising, etc... Do not shirk from these experimental attacks.  They may of course degenerate into excesses, but that is a worry of the future”.[9]

The Communist Krassikov was a libertine who squandered party funds on riotous living.  Lenin, when ordering his liquidation said :  “It does not matter that Comrade Krassikov has squandered party funds in a brothel, but it is scandalous that this should have disorganized the transportation of illegal literature”.[10]

Communist training is designed to squeeze the last drop of human kindness out of the hearts of men and women who aspire to become high priests of the religion.  Anna Pauker rose to dizzy heights in the Soviet hierarchy.  She became Foreign Minister of Rumania.  She proved she was loyal to Stalin when she rendered herself a widow by denouncing the father of her three children as a Trotskyite.

Communist terrorists encourage mere boys to become executioners of the enemies of the proletariat in order to harden them, and remove from their hearts every last vestige of human sentiment and sympathy.  One such youth told how he had had a lot of fun with a priest.  He said :  “Night after night we took him out with the groups we had to kill, but always we put him last in the line.  We made him wait while we killed all the others and then we took him back to the Bellas Artes again.  (The Bellas Artes was the Building of Fine Arts which the Communists used as a prison).  Each night he thought he was to die, but a quick death was too good for him.  That ‘Fraile’ died seven deaths before we finally finished him.”

Mr. Knoblaugh, on page 87 of his book Correspondent in Spain, tells of a horrible incident which confirms the contentions that the planners of World Revolution select potential leaders while they are very young and then train them until they are devoid of every trace of human sentiment and pity.  Knoblaugh tells how two Communist youths boasted to a doctor, in his presence, that they had mutilated and murdered two young priests.  They penetrated the disguise of these two religious men who, to escape detection and death, were working as coal-heavers.  The two youths told how they made the two priests dig their graves with their coal shovels, then, in accordance with the Communist-designed Reign of Terror, they emasculated their two victims and forced the organs into their mouths.  They stood by jeering while the priests died slow lingering deaths.

De Fonteriz, in Red Terror in Madrid pages 19-20 tells how the Chekas, organized by Dimitrov and Rosenberg tried to make a certain lady tell where her husband was hiding.  The woman probably didn’t know his whereabouts, but to make sure she didn’t, the members of the Chekas made her sit and watch while they amused themselves piercing the breasts of eight women members of her household with long hat-pins.

To prove a previous statement, that those who design the pattern of the Reign of Terror used criminals and lunatics to stir up the blood-lust, I report what happened at Alcala on July 20th, 1936 :  The Reds released all the prisoners, both male and female, on condition that they would bear arms for the Communist Cause.  They numbered one thousand men and two hundred women.  They were formed into the Battalion of Alcala.  They excelled themselves in the victorious attack on Madrid.  As a reward they were sent to Siguenza.  After taking over the town, they murdered two hundred citizens to break down the resistance of the others.  This battalion of criminals occupied Siguenza for sixteen weeks.  When they were driven out by Franco’s forces, it was found that every female, from ten to fifty, had been violated.  Many of them were pregnant and many diseased.  Some were both.  One girl, a waitress in a hotel, told how lucky she had been.  She told how the criminals had murdered the bishop of Siguenza in a most horrible, barbarous, and unprintable manner.  At a banquet held in the hotel that night, one of the battalion took a fancy to her and demanded that one of his comrades dress himself in the murdered bishop’s vestments and marry them.  The others thought this a great joke and carried out the mock ceremony.  After the wedding the “Militiennes” performed the “Danse on Ventre” using the dining tables as a stage.  After the orgy ended, the man claimed the girl as his own personal property.  Relating this happening she remarked :  “I was lucky.  My man was an assassin, but it was better to belong to him than to be the plaything of all.  I at least escaped disease.”

Marcel M. Dutrey published the fact that in Ciempozuelos over one hundred religious brothers were bound to lunatics who were then furnished with knives.  One can imagine the horror which followed.  Moscow’s army of trained propagandists told the world how Franco’s troops had murdered the mayors of many small towns, but they didn’t mention the fact that they had been tried by a properly constituted military court and proved to have been Communist agents of Largo Caballero who had plotted to turn Spain into a dictatorship.

If further proof is needed to substantiate the statement that the Secret Powers behind the World Revolutionary Movement use Communists throughout the world to further their totalitarian plans, the numerous desertions from the Communist party, all over the world, should provide that proof.  Douglas Hyde, who for the preceding five years was news editor of the Daily Worker, Britain’s leading Communist newspaper, in March 1948 announced his resignation from the Communist party.  In a press release he stated :  “I believe that the new ‘line’ of the Communist party, introduced after the formation of the Cominform last year (1947), if successful, will bring nothing but misery to the common people.”  Mr. Hyde went on to explain that since the end of World War II he had been worried regarding Moscow’s foreign policy.  He said he had finally become convinced that the Party Line as now determined by the Moscow Clique, was no longer in keeping with the ideals for which he had worked so long, and that the ultimate result would be to destroy the very freedoms and decencies for which Communists had been fighting for so long a time.  He concluded with these words :  “My growing disillusionment led me to seek some other answer to the problem of our day, and another way out of the world chaos.”

Right on top of Mr. Hyde’s resignation in London, England, came that of Mrs. Justina Krusenstern-Peters, a staff member of Soviet publications for the preceding twelve years.  She announced her resignation in Shanghai, China.  She said :  “The strain of writing according to orders from Moscow became more than I could bear ... I am still a Soviet citizen.  I am sure my feelings are shared by many of my colleagues in Russia, the only difference is that they are not able to protest against their enslavement.”

Most Communists work to bring about an International of Soviet Socialist Republics.  In other words, they feel that only by using revolutionary methods can they speedily destroy the stranglehold of selfish capitalism and place political power in the hands of the workers.  Few party members realize they are working themselves into a state of slavery from which there is no hope of escape.[11]

1 Investigation of outbreaks in many prisons in both the U.S.A. and Canada indicate these revolt, were Communistically inspired.  It took nearly twenty-three years to prove that some of the officials in Kingston Penitentiary, at the time Tim Buck was confined in the institution, were Communists.  Evidence would indicate they helped him organize the Kingston Prison Riots.  I was a Free Lance writer at the time.  I wrote that the whole thing smelt to high heaven as a plot to make a martyr of Tim Buck, in order to arouse public sympathy, in order to obtain his release.  I declared it my opinion that guards, and other prison officials, were implicated.  My story never appeared in print.  In 1953 one of the officials I suspected in 1932 of having ‘Red’ affiliations contested the Federal election in British Columbia as the Labour Progressive Candidate.  Between 1939 and 1944 this same man had charge of the training of personnel in the engineering branch of the Royal Canadian Navy.  This information was given to the proper authorities. —Author.

2 It is an historical fact that ten times as many revolutionary leaders have died during Party Purges than died during the actual revolutionary ware.

3 Recorded in official reports "Communist Atrocities in Spain”. Parts one, two and three.  The investigations were conducted by a committee composed of men of different nationalities.  The editing was done by Arthur Bryant, internationally known journalist and author.

4 This statement of my consin’s was confirmed an page 238 of the Spanish Arena, written by William Fees and Cecil Gerahty, and also by Arthur Bryant who investigated the Communist Atrocities in Spain.

5 See Catholic Herald, February 11th, 1938.

6 In case some people think that Communists hate only Roman Catholic, it is well to remember that the Secret Powers behind the world Revolutionary Movement are determined to ultimately turn this world into the despotism of Satan.  That is the essence of Illuminism.  In order to lull people, in countries not yet Sovietized, (sic) into a some of false security, they will try to convince them of their tolerance to religions other than Roman Catholic, but investigation shows that they are determined, when they have sufficient power, to wipe out all religions.

7 NOTE — Red agents had infiltrated onto the Staff of Britain’s B.B.C. in 1938 and for nearly two years the policy was Pro-loyalist, i.e. Communistic.  The present trend of the C.B.C. is much the same.  The majority of programs are slanted sharply to the “left”.

8 The details are on page six of the second report ‘Communist Atrocities in Spain’.

9 Communist agents teach children, in all Free Nations the inversion of the Ten Commandments.  Communism is therefore responsible for the increase in juvenile delinquency more than any other single cause.  While professed atheists they serve the purpose of Illuminati and Satanism.

10 The magazine Time made reference to these views expressed by Lenin, November 17th, 1948.

11 Mr. Hyde, and others, who broke away from the communist party don’t seem even yet to realize that they were only tools used to further the plans of the Illuminati.


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