The Present Dangers

       By studying history it is possible to predict future trends with a certain degree of assurance.  History repeats itself because those who direct the W.R.M. do not CHANGE their Long Range Plans — they simply adapt their policies to suit modern conditions and adjust their plans to take full advantage of the advancement of modern science.

In order to understand the international situation as it is to-day, we must recall what has happened since Lenin established the totalitarian dictatorship in Russia in 1918.  It has been proved that the dictatorship was established to provide the Western Internationalists with the opportunity to put their totalitarian ideas and theories for a universal dictatorship into effect.  They wished to iron out any wrinkles by the process of trial and error.

When Lenin died Stalin took over.  At first he was ruthlessly obedient to the dictates of the international bankers.  He appointed Béla Kun to put their ideas for the collectivization of farms into effect in the Ukraine.  When the farmers refused to obey the edict, five million were systematically starved to death when their grain was taken from them forcibly.  This grain was dumped on the markets of the world to aggravate the artificially created depression.  Another five million farmers and peasants were sent to forced labour to teach the rest of the subjugated people that the STATE was supreme and the Head of the STATE their God, whose edicts must be obeyed.

It was not until Stalin began to purge a great number of Jewish Communist leaders, who were undoubtedly Marxists, that Trotsky and other revolutionary leaders knew for certain that he had abandoned the Illuminati and developed imperialistic ambitions.

Stalin’s conduct of the revolution in Spain perturbed the Western Internationalists still more, particularly when Serges and Maurin proved Stalin was using international Communism to further his own secret plans and imperialistic ambitions.

After Franco won the Civil War, Stalin’s conduct was very difficult to understand.  Revolutionary leaders in Canada and America just couldn’t follow the drastic changes in the Party Line as they had been taught it during their indoctrination into the Marxian theories.  When Stalin signed the non-aggression pact with Hitler, after the British and German Empires had been plunged into World War Two, it appeared as if Stalin wanted to do everything within his power to aid Hitler overrun Western Europe and destroy the power of the international bankers.

The situation looked so grave from the international bankers point of view that they decided they had to try to persuade Stalin to abandon his imperialistic ambitions and go along with them in a spirit of peaceful co-existence.  They tried to persuade Stalin that it was quite feasible that he should rule the Eastern World by Communism, while they ruled the Western World under a super-government.  Stalin asked for proof of their sincerity.  This was the beginning of the now much talked about theory of peaceful co-existence.  But peaceful co-existence between two internationalistic groups;  or between people who believe in God and those who believe in the devil, is impossible.

By secret communications between Churchill and Roosevelt, which Tyler Kent exposed, it was agreed that Chamberlain should be removed as Prime Minister so that Churchill could assume office and turn the ‘Phony’ war into a ‘Hot’, and shooting war.  They considered this act would convince Stalin of the sincerity of their intentions.

History reveals that Mr. Chamberlain was ousted as Prime Minister in May 1940 in much the same way Asquith was ousted in 1913.  Churchill assumed office as Prime Minister May 11th, 1940.  He ordered the R.A.F. to start bombing German cities and towns that same night.  Mr. J.M. Spaight, C.B., C.B.E., was principal assistant secretary at the Air Ministry at that time.  After the war he wrote a book Bombing Vindicated.  In it he justifies Churchill’s policy to bomb German cities and towns on the grounds that it was done to ‘Save civilization’.  The author admits however that Churchill’s order was a breach of the agreement entered into by Britain and France on September 2nd, 1939.  On that day the Prime Minister of Britain and the President of the French Republic agreed that war must be declared on Germany because of Hitler’s invasion of Poland;  they also agreed they would NOT bomb German cities and towns, and make the German people suffer for the sins of one man.  The leaders of the two governments solemnly agreed that bombing should be restricted to strictly military objectives in the narrowest sense of the word.

Since the war it has been proved that the real reason Churchill bombed German cities, contrary to the agreement, was because the Western international bankers wished to give Stalin a definite assurance that they were sincere in their desire to carry out their suggested policy of peaceful co-existence between Eastern Communism and Western Illuminism.

The bombing of Germany brought about immediate retaliation and the people of Britain were subjected to an ordeal the like of which had never been experienced since the dawn of creation.

It is difficult for the average citizen to appreciate the depths to which those involved in international intrigue can sink.  It will be proved that the Illuminati had no intention of keeping faith with Stalin.  It will be proved Stalin had no intention to keep faith with them.  It will also be proved that the Nazi War Lords, while secretly determined to crush both international Communism and international capitalism, actually tried to deceive Churchill into believing they did not have secret plans for world domination by military conquest.

In the Spring of 1941 the Nazi War Lords, unknown to Hitler, ordered Hess to fly to Britain and tell Churchill that if he would agree to end the war against Germany they would guarantee to get rid of Hitler and then destroy Stalin and international Communism.  After consultation with Roosevelt, Churchill turned down the offer made by Hess.

The Nazi War Lords then tried to convince the Western internationalists of the sincerity of their intentions by ordering Hitler’s assassination.  The plot failed and Hitler escaped with his life.  When this act failed to charge the minds of those who were secretly instructing Churchill and Roosevelt, the Nazi War Lords decided they must first attack Russia and defeat Stalin, and then turn their military forces against Britain and the Americas.  They launched their attack against Russia June 22nd, 1941.  Immediately this happened both Churchill and Roosevelt announced publicly that they pledged their respective governments to support Stalin to the limit of their resources.  Churchill, ever dramatic, said he would shake hands with the Devil himself if he promised to help him destroy German Fascism.  He referred to Hitler as “That monstrous abortion of lies and deceits”, and yet Churchill must have known that Hitler, for all his faults, was not an internationalist.

This action was calculated to remove from Stalin’s mind any doubt, he might still have regarding the honesty of the intentions of the Western internationalists to divide the world into two halves and then live in peaceful co-existence.  Roosevelt and Churchill then proceeded to provide Stalin with unlimited aid.  They borrowed astronomical sums from the international bankers and paid them interest on the loans.  They then charged the principal and interest to the National debts of their two countries so that the tax payers paid for, and fought, the war fomented by the Illuminati while the bankers sat back and made hundreds of millions of dollars out of the deal.  This extraordinary generosity with the people’s blood and money paved the way for the meetings which ‘THE BIG THREE’ subsequently held in Tehran, Yalta, and Potsdam.

Stalin played a very cunning game at Tehran.  He made it clear that he still suspected the Western internationalists might be deceptive rather than sincere.  He played at being difficult to persuade, and very hard to get.  He made outrageous demands.  He demanded unreasonable concessions.  He implied that in making these demands he was only testing out the sincerity of the men he knew only too well, from long experience, were the directors of the international conspiracy.  Roosevelt had been well briefed.  He gave Stalin everything he asked for.  Churchill had to go along or lose the financial backing of the international money-lenders and the military support of the United States.

Then came Yalta.  Stalin changed his attitude.  He pretended he had been won over.  He became the perfect host.  Churchill and Roosevelt were dined and wined.  Stalin dissolved the Comintern.  The Comintern was the executive body which had plotted and planned revolutions in every country.  Stalin, Roosevelt, and Churchill drank damnation to the Germans.  Roosevelt assured Stalin that after they were through there wouldn’t be enough German left to worry about, he is reported to have advocated shooting 50,000 German officers without trial.  The controlled press has never stopped harping upon the Nazi policy of genocide against the Jews, but it has been singularly silent in regard to Roosevelt’s policy of genocide against the Germans.  In return for the dissolution of the Comintern, Roosevelt gave Stalin more concessions.  Six hundred million human beings east of Berlin were handed over into Communist bondage.

Churchill acquiesced in everything Roosevelt and Stalin did.  History will prove that at the Yalta meeting Stalin and Roosevelt had several secret meetings after Churchill had been dined and wined too well to allow him to keep his wits alert.  Roosevelt pretended to be friendly with Churchill but, on the evidence of his own son, he often said things, and suggested policies, which showed, that secretly, he looked upon him with contempt.

Only Churchill can explain WHY he had to sit and listen to Roosevelt’s suggestions that Hong Kong be given to Communist China to bribe Mao-Tse-Tung to play along with the Western internationalists.  How could Churchill profess publicly, such a close and sincere friendship for Roosevelt when Roosevelt was constantly repeating that he considered the dissolution of the British Commonwealth necessary to the future welfare of the human race ?  Hitler thought just the opposite.

But Stalin was nobody’s fool.  He had been associated wilh the agents of the international bankers so long that he could read their most secret thoughts like an open book.  He knew better than any man alive that they had used Communism to further their totalitarian ideas, so he played them at their own game.  During the final stages of the war he forced the Allied Armies to halt and wait until his armies occupied Berlin.

The above statements are proved by the existence of a secret order issued by Stalin to the General Officers of the Soviet Armies to explain his policy.  The order is dated February 16th, 1943.  It reads :

“The Bourgeois Governments of the Western Democracies, with whom we have entered into an alliance, may believe that we consider it our sole task to throw the Fascists out of our land.  We Bolsheviks, and with us the Bolsheviks of the whole world, know that our real task will only begin after the second phase of the war is ended.  Then will begin for us the Third phase which for us is the last and the decisive one ... the phase of the destruction of world capitalism.  OUR SOLE GOAL IS, AND IT REMAINS, THE WORLD REVOLUTION :  THE DICTATORSHIP OF THE PROLETARIAT.  We have engaged in alliances because this was necessary, to reach the third phase, but our ways part where our present allies will stand in our way in the achievement of our ultimate aim.”

Stalin did not show his true colours until after he had captured Berlin and occupied Eastern Germany.  Then he broke every promise he had made.  This turn in events was kept out of the Press because neither Roosevelt nor Churchill wished the public to know how Stalin, the bank robber;  the murderer;  the international counterfeiter had put it over them like a blanket.

The Western internationalists just had to bide their time.  They realised that if Stalin and Mao-Tse-Tung joined forces the Communist hordes could sweep over the western world like a plague of locusts.  They reasoned that Stalin was getting old.  They knew he hadn’t too long to live.  It was better to curry favour with him rather than have him spill the beans and expose the whole diabolical conspiracy.

The Western capitalists considered Stalin’s open defiance a serious matter, but they had a trump card up their sleeves.  Before playing this card, they instructed Roosevelt to make one more effort to bring Stalin back into line again.  Roosevelt offered to grant anything Stalin demanded, as far as the Far East was concerned, if only he would play along with the Western capitalists.  The controlled press have persistently reported that Roosevelt gave Stalin the concessions he did in the Far East bebecause his military advisers had told him it would require two full years of heavy fighting, after the collapse of Germany, before Japan could be brought to her knees.  This lie is so apparent that it was really unnecessary for General MacArthur to give Roosevelt the lie direct.  The American generals knew that Japan had been trying to negotiate a peace for a considerable time before Roosevelt made the concessions he did to Stalin.

Once again Stalin took all he could grab in Manchuria.  He again reneged on his promises and renewed his defiant attitude.  This time the powers behind the White House administration were really angry.  They must have made some suggestion of such a diabolical nature that it even shocked Roosevelt, for he sickened and died.  It has been said that he died in the house of Bernard Baruch.  The Advisers of the United States government then decided to play their trump card ... the atomic bomb.  The atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki to indicate to Stalin what was in store for Russia unless he toed the line.  The fact that America had atomic bombs had been kept secret.  Japan was already defeated when they were dropped.  Surrender was only a few days off.  Over one hundred thousand human beings were sacrificed, and twice that number injured in Japan, to demonstrate to Stalin that the United States actually did have atomic bombs.  Thus it is seen that Churchill ordered the unrestricted bombing of Germany to try to fool Stalin into believing the international capitalists wanted to be friends, and then the U.S.A. bombed Japan with atomic bombs to warn him that he better play along and do as he was told ... or else.

Molotov was the one man best able to judge what was going on in Stalin’s brain.  During the post-war period Molotov was the Soviet’s Foreign Minister.  He represented the Kremlin at the United Nations for many years.  Molotov married the daughter of Sam Karp of Bridgeport, Connecticut.  Thus Molotov became the connecting link between the Kremlin and the international financiers of the Western World.  It has been reliably reported that immediately after Stalin withdrew Molotov from the United Nations he sent Molotov’s wife into exile in Siberia.  These acts alone strongly indicate that Stalin had broken with the Western capitalists who had helped put him in power in Russia.

The fact that Tito broke with Stalin after the war ended is further proof that Stalin had determined to go ahead with his imperialistic programme.  Tito has always been subservient to the western Financiers who supplied him with all the money he required to establish himself in his present position in central Europe.  Churchill’s son risked his life on more than one occasion during World War Two by parachuting into Tito’s territories to confer with him on behalf of the western powers.

Finally Stalin died or was disposed of.  He left this world with his lips sealed like any other gangster.  The agents of the Western internationalists, located in Moscow, struck as soon as Stalin died.  Beria, and Stalin’s other trusted lieutenants, were done away with.  Stalin’s son disappeared without a trace.

In order that what was happening in Russia would not appear too obvious, it was arranged that Malenkov should take over temporarily after Stalin’s death.  He was ordered to decry the Great Stalin and, for a time, he did deflate him in the eyes of the people.  Then he changed his tactics.  He renewed friendly relations with the Chinese Dictator ;  he started to make friends with the Russian people;  he sponsored the development of a spirit of national pride.  By doing so he sealed his own fate.

The Western internationalists countered with a demand that Western Germany be immediately rearmed.  France was the stumbling block.  Mendes-France was placed in power long enough to have France ratify the agreement to rearm Germany.  Having served his purpose he was placed amongst the discards as so many others have been.

The situation in the Far East has deliberately been confused but it is not difficult to explain.  The Western internationalists had friends in China, just as they had in Russia, but Mao-Tse-Tung cannot be considered one of them.  He and Stalin had very similar ideas in regard to the Western internationalists.  But both the Eastern and Western totalitarian-minded groups had one thing in common ... They wished to get rid of Chiang-Kai-Shek.

The Western capitalists started a propaganda campaign against Chiang-Kai-Shek just as soon as the Japanese war ended.  This action had a two-fold purpose.  They wanted to prove to Mao-Tse-Tung that co-existence with them was feasible and, at the same time, they wished to eliminate the nationalist leader.  The press charged that the nationalist government was corrupt;  that the nationalist generals were lax, and did not maintain discipline amongst their troops; that the nationalist troops committed pillage and publicly performed rapes.  It is only right to admit that many of the charges made against the nationalists were true.

The fact that many officials in the nationalist government in China were proved to be corrupt was used to justify Great Britain’s policy to recognize the Communist regime.  It was also used by certain United States advisers as the grounds on which they advocated that America withdraw support from Chiang-Kai-Shek.  What the general public has not been told is the fact that, after the Communists took over in China, it was proved that most of the high officials who had brought ChiangKai-Shek and his nationalist government into disrepute were Communist cells who had infiltrated into the nationalist government for the purpose of wrecking it from within.  This statement is substantiated by the fact that many of the nationalist government officials, who came under criticism for corrupt practices, were absorbed into the Communist regime, and given favoured positions and accelerated promotions.  The Rev. Leslie Millin of Toronto, who was a missionary in China during this period, will vouch for the truth of the above statements.

The way international affairs developed after 1946 would indicate that Stalin did not have atomic weapons at the time of his death.  Had he possessed atomic weapons he could have knocked the principal cities of Canada and the United States into a cocked hat.

Churchill has served their purpose as far as the international bankers are concerned.  He is growing old and a bit troublesome.  He has to be relegated into the discard also.  But Churchill has been built up by the propaganda of the western Capitalists as a GREAT man.  He is the people’s national hero.  He couldn’t very well be disposed of by a campaign of L’Infamie.  He couldn’t be ridiculed out of office.  With rare cunning the Western internationalists disguised their intentions by ordering the Press to organize the greatest tribute a man ever load.  On Churchill’s eightieth birthday they showered him with gifts and honour.  They convinced the vast majority of people that Churchill didn’t have an enemy in the world.

Events indicate that both the Communist dictators and the Western internationalists were agreed that Churchill could be an obstacle to the furtherance of their plans.  The Communist dictators decided they would use Aneurin Bevan to grease the skids under Churchill.  They indicated this to Communists throughout the entire world when the Chinese dictator Mao-Tse-Tung entertained Attlee and Bevan at a banquet when they visited China in 1954.  The international press published pictures taken at this banquet.

It is unlikely that one person in a million, other than a Communist, understands the significance of that picture.  Attlee was shown as sitting at the head table.  Bevan was shown as having been placed at the bottom nearest the door.  The general impression was that Attlee was the guest of honour;  and that Bevan was considered of very little significance as far as the Communist regime in China, and the Soviets, were concerned.  But this is how the public is confused and deceived.  In China it is customary to seat the Guest of honour nearest to the door.

In view of the events recorded it is reasonably safe to predict that in the near future the following events will take place.

One.  With or without his knowledge the Communist dictators will use Aneurin Bevan to help oust Churchill by attacking his foreign policy in the House of Commons.

Two.  That the Western internationalists will use Bevan’s attacks on Churchill as a lever to get Bevan out of the British Labour party and parliament.  At the same time they will get rid of Churchill by casting doubts into the minds of the people regarding his ability to carry on toplevel secret negotiations now he is past eighty.  It is possible the Western internationalists may lift the screen from secret diplomacy just sufficient to justify those chosen to lead the attack.  By doing so the threat would be implied that if he didn’t step down gracefully they would make known all that went on behind the scenes at Tehran, Yalta, Potsdam, etc.

Three.  It is safe to predict Churchill will step down immediately pressure is brought to bear on him.  It is equally safe to predict that Bevan will not step down.  The chances are a hundred to one that Attlee and Deakin will leave, or be removed, from the Labour party in Britain and that Bevan will lead the party against Sir Anthony Eden when he decides to contest a general election after taking over from Churchill.[1]

Four.  The fact that Roosevelt’s son has given a glimpse of the fact that Churchill had to play along with his father;  and had to do as he was told, and even had to profess publicly his friendship for the president after the president had so rudely told him that he favoured the dissolution of the British Commonwealth of nations, is a clear indication as to the line of attack the Western internationalists will take to get rid of, what so many people consider, ‘The Grand Old Man of British Politics’.

The point to remember is this.  The Nazi internationalists have, for all intents and purposes, been eliminated from the game.  Two totalitarian-minded groups of men remain ... the Communist dictators of Russia and China;  and the Western capitalists or internationalists, whichever one wishes to name them.

Just as long as both groups are satisfied to live in peaceful coexistence, with the world practically divided between them, there will be an uneasy peace.  But if the leaders of either side decide that coexistence is too frail a structure upon which to build their respective New Orders there will be war.

World War Three if started by the Eastern Communist dictators will begin without any preliminary warning.  An international general strike will be called in all capitalistic countries.  This action is calculated to produce the paralysis previously referred to.  The Communist planes will bomb all industrial centres to knock out the war potential of the United States and Canada and kill as many of the population as possible in order to bring about speedy surrender and subjugation.  Britain will likely get the same treatment.  Nerve Gas may be used on industrial areas the enemy do not wish to destroy.  Soviet forces will occupy the mining districts of northern Canada from coast to coast.  The occupied areas will be used as bases of operation against the southern objectives.  The international general strike will tie up shipping in every port in the world making it impossible for supplies to reach the people of Great Britain.  A blockade of the British Isles by Soviet submarines will stop any leaks.  The people of Britain will be starved into submission four weeks after the outbreak of hostilities.  The members of the Communist underground in all cities in the western world will evacuate target areas immediately before the attacks.  The underground armies will return and take over the devastated areas as soon as the “All-Clear” has been given.  The Communist 5th Column will round up and liquidate all people whose names are on the black list.  Thus will the directors of the Western internationalists be got rid of in much quicker time than they got rid of their Nazi opponents by means of the Nuremberg Trials.

On the other hand, if the Western internationalists become convinced that an attack is to be made upon them by the Communist dictators, then they will force the western democracies into another World War in order that they may get in the first blow.  As a prelude to their attack the public will be made aware of the dangers of international Communism.  The danger to Christian democracy will be emphasized.  The atheistic-materialists, who have the western world in economic bondage, will call for a Christian Crusade.  They will justify their atomic attacks upon Russia and China as Churchill justified his attack on Germany.  They will say it was necessary to save our civilization.  But don’t lets fool ourselves.  Regardless of how the case may be presented to the public the fact will remain that if World War Three is allowed to take place it will be fought to decide whether Eastern Communism takes over the entire world or whether the Western capitalists will continue to rule the international roost.

If World War Three is permitted to take place, the devastation will be so extensive that internationalists will continue to justify their contentions that ONLY a world government, backed up by an international police force, can solve the various national and international problems without resorting to further wars.  This argument will appear very logical to many people who overlook the fact that both the Eastern Communist leaders, and the Western capitalist leaders, intend to ultimately bring into effect, THEIR ideas for an atheistic-totalitarian dictatorship.

People who wish to remain FREE can follow only one plan of action.  They must support Christianity against ALL forms of atheism and secularism.  They must support private responsible enterprise against cartels and combines.  They must support those who advocate ‘The New Economy’ against those who would continue with the old.

When a person is in doubt regarding the right and wrong of anything, all he or she needs to do to solve his or her uncertainty is recite the first half of the Lord’s Prayer SLOWLY and contemplate on the meaning of those wonderful words of wisdom.  “Our Father ... Who art in heaven... hallowed be Thy name ... Thy kingdom come ... Thy will be done ... in earth as it is in heaven.”  It doesn’t require more than a few minutes to decide if any act to be performed individually, or collectively is in accordance with the Will of God, or furthering the machinations of the Devil.

If we intend to save the future generations, from the fate being prepared for them by the forces of evil, we must take IMMEDIATE ACTION ... THERE IS NO TIME TO LOSE.  The reader may well ask :  “But what action must we take ?”

That is a very good question.  If the answer wasn’t provided there would be no justification for the publication of this book.  Far too many men spend a great deal of time damning this and damning that.  They are anti this and anti that.  But very few speakers or writers who condemn an idea, an organization, or a movement, offer practical solutions to the problems, or make suggestions to bring to an end the evils exposed.

FIRST :  We must as individuals recognize the spiritual issues involved.  Once again the Scriptures advise us how to accomplish this purpose.  Ephesians 6th chapter 10th to 17th verses tells us :  “Brethren be strengthened in the Lord and in the whole of His power.  Put on the armour of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.  For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood, but against Principalities and the Powers, against the world rulers of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness on high.  Therefore take up the armour of God that you may be able to resist the evil day, and stand in all things perfect.  Stand therefore, having girded your loins with TRUTH, and having put on the breast-plate of justice, and having your feet shod with the readiness of the Gospel of peace, in all things taking up the shield of Faith, with which you may be able to quench all the fiery darts of the most wicked one.  And take unto you the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the spirit, that is, THE WORD OF GOD.”

SECOND :  We must take practical steps and use constitutional means to counteract the threat of both international Communism and international capitalism, and any other subversive ideologies which may try to destroy TRUE Christian democracy.  In order to carry out the mandate in the above Gospel we must do the following things :

ADemand monetary reforms :  Because selfishness and greed, and the desire for power, are the roots from which all evil grows, it is only logical that constitutional means be instituted to take away the wealth, and curb the powers, of the leader, of all atheistic-materialistic groups who, in the first place, usurped it from the governments of the people.  This being the TRUTH the tax-payers have a legal right to demand that their elected governments redress the wrongs committed against them;  put an end to all forms of usury;  and reimburse their treasury departments to the extent of the loans floated during the last century to fight wars fomented to further the interests of those who loaned the money and charged interest on these loans.  If this advice is followed the proletariat will have restored true democracy mid the Soviet and Chinese dictators would have no excuse to disguise their imperialistic ambitions under the cloak of anti-capitalism.

BMonetary controls :  The electors must insist that the issue of money, and the control thereof, be placed back in the hands of the government where it rightfully belongs.  By government is meant the toplevel executive body chosen from the elected representatives because of their qualifications to conduct the affairs of the nation in an efficient and business-like manner, basing their decisions on democratic justice and Christian charity.

CPunitive action :  The electorate can justifiably demand that heavy penalties be imposed on all those found guilty of corruption and graft because these two evil practices are the principal means used by the agents of all revolutionary organizations to subvert, or force, others into doing their will.  All subversive organizations must be outlawed and all people, proved to be members, must be made liable to punishment provided by the law.  Those who advocate the violent overthrow of constitutional government do so in order that they may usurp wealth and power without having to work for it.  Their punishment should therefore consist of performing manual labour and/or public services.  Their hours should be extended 25 per cent beyond the union limits, and their pay should be 25 per cent below the union rates.  The period of their detention should be decided by the way they improve from their negative attitude towards society and religion.

DDiplomatic negotiations :  Because the agents of the international conspiracy always work behind the scenes of government, and always use SECRET meetings and diplomacy to further their own plans and ambitions, secret negotiation should not be allowed under any circumstances.  If government is to be “Of the people; by the people; for the people”;  then the people have every right to know every detail of what is going on.

EChristian Crusade : Laymen of all Christian denominations should unite in the Name of God to put an end to bigotry and misunderstanding which enables anti-Christian ideologies to keep Christians divided and at logger-heads.  The house divided within itself must fall.  The Crusade should be organized for the purpose of educating the public in regard to the methods need by those who direct atheistic-materialistic ideologies.  Special attention should be given to interesting the youth of our nations in the movement in order that they may be protected from the subversive actions of the agents of the conspirators.  The Crusaders should be trained to take a POSITIVE approach when dealing with those who have joined subversive organizations either willingly or because of ignorance.  To abuse, to knock, and condemn persons only increases their resistance and makes them more anti-social.

By first gaining their confidence the Crusader is in position to prove to them that the heads of all atheistic-materialistic ideologies only use others as “Pawns in the Game” to further their secret plans and ambitions.  Once a person is convinced he or she will be thrown into the discard just as soon as the directors of their movement consider they have outgrown their usefulness, this will hurt their pride and cause them to reflect upon the wisdom of their behaviour.  Having once created doubt in their minds it is then possible to convince them by supplying them with suitable literature on the subject.  It was to supply this need that Pawns In The Game was published.  A religious revival amongst the members of all Christian denominations is essential in order to change men’s thinking in regard to the values and importance they place on worldly possessions.  The hearts of men must be turned towards love of Almighty God.  We must learn once again to take a real delight in rendering Him service and in performing His Holy Will.  The National Federation of Christian Laymen has been organized to put this idea into action.

FUnited Nations :  Because the constitution of the United Nations comes up for revision this year, possible changes may be recommended.  It is important, therefore, that all those who oppose internationalism in any form organize political pressure groups in all parties to urge that the delegates of the Christian-democratic nations do not lend themselves in any way to suggestions favouring the trial of a World Government, regardless of whether it is called a super-nationalist government or disguised in any other way.  Churchill’s suggestions for a United States of Europe was only a move in the direction of internationalism.  Only he can say whether it was intended to help the Eastern Communists or the Western capitalists.

GIllegal traffic and trade :  Because the subversive 5th columns, and undergrounds, are organized, hidden, and subsist in the underworlds of large cities, and because no revolutionary effort can hope to succeed without the full co-operation of a well organized, properly trained, fully equipped, and well disciplined 5th column, or underground organization, it is necessary that public opinion be organized to demand that all those engaged in illegal traffic and trade, or criminally connected with the underworld, shall be arrested and brought to trial regardless of what their political affiliations may be, or what position they hold in society.  The public must be organized to give support to all honest police officers and law administrators.  Public opinion expressed on the floor of the Houses of Parliament must insist that the underworlds be CLEANED up, and not just raided and scattered.  The policy of raiding and scattering the underworld characters has only resulted in creating a hundred dens of iniquity where only one existed before.  Those convicted should be treated as recommended in subsection ‘C’.

HPublicity :  Christian laymen must be organized to counteract the propaganda of those who advocate internationalism and the atheisticmaterialistic ideologies.  Local branches should be organized to insist that subversive propaganda be eliminated from the press, the air, and T.V. programmes.  They should demand that time and space be made available so the Christian democratic way of life may be presented to the people.  It is unfortunately TRUE that it is several centuries since Christian democracy functioned properly.

JDefeatism :  Every effort must be made to counteract the efforts of those who preach defeatism.  They usually argue that there is nothing that can be done to correct the existing conditions.  They suggest that since the pending fate is inevitable it is no use worrying.  The attitude of the Defeatist is like that of the professional rapist who advises his intended victim that, because her fate is inevitable, she might as well relax and enjoy it.  Those who claim there is nothing we can do to escape totalitarianism ignore the fact that God exists and is interested in the destiny of man.  People who get discouraged must be reminded that the only way they can save their immortal souls is to keep on fighting against the Forces of Evil, thus giving service to God.  They must be made to realize that they won’t be judged according to their achievements and victories, but solely on the merits of the effort they put into the Crusade.

KBrotherly Love :  Because God has provided mankind with all he requires for this earthly existence there is no logical reason why some of his creatures should live in opulence while others starve to death.  The theories of the new economists should be tried out to devise better methods for the more equitable distribution of the necessities of life.  Once these have been assured to all human beings it will be a comparatively simple matter to persuade those who have too much to share it with those who have decidedly less and a greater need.  To share what we have with others in need provides the greatest happiness it is possible to enjoy on this earth.  By living in accordance with the plan of God, economic conditions would improve to such an extent that the establishment of homes, and the raising of families, could be undertaken in reasonable security.  Conditions of ‘Fear’ and ‘Uncertainty’ would be abolished.

LMilitary Preparedness :  Military preparedness is absolutely necessary just as long as the conditions exposed in this book are allowed to continue.  Everyone who accepts the hospitality of a country, and enjoys the privileges of citizenship, should be prepared to defend that country from aggressors, be they external foes or the enemy within.  The only justification for fighting a war is to prevent subjugation by the enemy on the rational argument that as long as we have Some resemblance of freedom left there is still hope that we can overcome the forces of evil and re-establish true Christian democracy.

MInternal Security :  The best way to Strengthen the internal security of any nation is to build up a strong and efficient Civil Defence organization.  To permit of rapid development Civil Defence should be made part and parcel of the national internal security, system.  As such, it should be a Federal project and responsibility.  This suggestion is particularly applicable to Canada because the Minister of Justice.  supported by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, is charged with the responsibility for the nation’s internal security.

Civil Defence is the organizing and training of the civilian population into auxiliary units to augment the regular departments which render public service during normal conditions.  Civil Defence workers are trained how, to protect themselves, and the communities in which they live, in the event of attack by an enemy.  Because our only potential enemies use their 5th Column and underground organizations to overthrow the constituted government by revolutionary action, and subjugate the population by means of terrorism, it stands to common sense that Civil Defence should be organized as a counter-revolutionary organization.  The Civil Defence special police, and intelligence units, should therefore be trained under the supervision of the R.C.M.P. so they could co-operate with them to ensure our internal security during any emergency.

NAction. There is no time to lose :  In reading this book you have faced the challenge and your response to the action outlined, undertaken with a strong faith in God, will determine the future of humanity and bring about the overthrow of the forces of evil which plot to destroy our Christian democratic way of life.  The task is not beyond our capabilities.  We must remember that the Devil’s important nucleus of evil in this world at the present time is centred in no more than about three hundred master-minds.

OFaith, Hope and Charity :  We must never forget that the Christian religion is based on Faith, Hope and Charity, while all atheistic ideologies are based on doubt, hatred, and despair.  Almighty God has permitted us to GRADUALLY solve many of the mysteries of NATURE in order that we would use rather than abuse these extra-ordinary benefits.  We can now use or misuse atomic energy.  If we allow it to be misused the powers of evil undoubtedly hill off one half the human race and cripple most of the others.  We can rest assured that amongst those who survive will be the agents of the powers of evil.

Almighty God has provided the human race with all we need to live.  He has provided for our comfort and reasonable pleasures.  It is our duty too see that all members of the human race share equally in the bounties and blessing provided by Almighty God.  There should never be a time when the granaries of the western world are bursting at the seams, while the people of the Far East are dying by the millions from starvation.  We must share freely and generously with others what we have above our own requirements, because it is certain we cannot take anything with us when we die.

PThe Christian Crusade :  It is suggested that ‘THE CROSS AND THE FLAG’ be the slogan for the Christian Crusade.  It is also suggested that the following anthem should be used to open or close all public meetings held in connection with the crusade.


“The Cross and The Flag our emblems shall be,
Our purpose in life to serve only Thee,
Thy Will shall be done ... Thy Kingdom shall come
On earth as in Heaven Eternally.”

The powers of Satan
Our God may deny.
And claim there’s no heaven
For us when we die
All tyrants and despots
Our Faith may decry
Their torments and terrors
We’ll always defy.

We’ll march into battle
Upholding Thy Name
No worldly enchantments
Our ‘Cause’ shall defame
No evil enslavements
Shall swerve from their goal
Thy militant Legions
Till they reach Thy Fold.

What doth a man profit
To gain the whole world
By serving ’neath banners
Hell’s agents unfurled ?
We’ll hold to Thy promise.
“Hell shall not prevail.”
O Lord give us wisdom
Vile plots to curtail.

Men seek greater riches
Use wealth to gain power.
But Lord, we all need Thee.
Life’s span’s but an hour.
Through darkness to daylight
Sustain us with grace.
We’ll fight on to glory,
We’ll run the Good Race.[2]


“The national Federation of Christian Laymen”

The National Federation of Christian Laymen is now being organized and a charter is being applied for.  Our purpose is to try and unite all existing Christian Laymen’s organizations to combat all forms of atheistic materialism and internationalism.  The N.F.C.L. will be kept strictly non-partisan and non-denominational.  It is not intended to interfere with the autonomy of any existing Christian organizations.  Our purpose is educational.

PAWNS IN THE GAME was published to find out how many citizens are interested in taking constitutional action to end the international conspiracy as exposed in this book, and to take legal action to break the economic stranglehold a few internationalists have obtained on the Governments and peoples of the so called Free Nations by their practice of systematically applied usury.  The response has been remarkable and justified the printing of this edition.

It is suggested that interested persons organize branches of the N.F.C.L. in their cities and towns and farming communities.  Each group should provide itself with a library chosen from the books listed on another page.  The material in the books will provide matter for thought and subjects for discussion at study groups.  When local branches have been organized it is intended to send speakers, well qualified to explain the various angles of international affairs, to address public meetings sponsored by the local branches of the N.F.C.L.

Our Policy

1.  We advocate Christianity and oppose illuminism and atheistic-materialism.  We hold out the hand of friendship to ALL who worship God and oppose Satanism.
2.  We support Nationalism and oppose Internationalism of any kind.
3.  We advocate responsible private industry and oppose cartels and combines.
4.  We advocate Loyalty to the Constitution and oppose all kinds of subversive activities.
5.  We support lawful authority and oppose organized crime.
6.  We advocate the practice of ethics in trade and commerce and oppose all forms of illegal traffic and trade.
7.  We recommend brotherly love amongst all God-fearing people and oppose bigotry in any form.
8.  We stand for Liberty and oppose licentiousness.
9.  We stand for Freedom as opposed to Dictatorships and tyranny.
10.  We advocate justice for all and favours for none.
11.  We recommend that punishment should be made to fit the crime.
12.  We advocate National Preparedness against internal and external foes.
13.  We advocate active interest and participation in political, economic, health and educational matters as opposed to apathy, indifference, and despair.
14.  We work so that Almighty God’s plan for creation may be put into practice in this earth.

Join Our Crusade

The Federation of Christian Laymen is non-partisan and nondenominational.  Our purpose is to help people who have been deceived into joining a subversive movement by telling them the TRUTH, and to inform others regarding their danger from those who plot, plan, finance, and direct ALL phases of the international conspiracy.  We hope to finance our work by selling the literature we publish.  If you agree with what we have to say then help us make the facts known.  Send copies of our publication to your elected representatives and tell them how you wish them to act on your behalf.  This is very important.  Send copies to your friends and acquaintances, and to people you feel should be informed about these all important matters.  Ask them to do the same.  This is our only means of obtaining circulation as the TRUTHS we are trying to make known are being given the ‘SILENT TREATMENT’ by the controlled press.  We work to retain our national form of government;  to protect the Christian religion, to uphold private responsible enterprise;  and to preserve our God-given rights and prerogatives.

Join Our crusade

Willowdale, Ontario, Canada.
c/o Willowdale Posit Office

Please accept my donation of $5.00 to aid in the educational work being done by the F.C.L. Send me your monthly bulletin.

(Please print name and address in ink.)
Name ____________________________
Add. ----------------------------
City ____________________________
Prov ---------------------------

The F.C.L. is non-political, non-denominational.  Our purpose is to enlighten people who have been deceived into joining subversive movements by telling them THE TRUTH regarding God’s Plan for Creation.  We fight to retain our National autonomy, responsible private industry, and God-Given Rights and Prerogatives.


Pawns In The Game with index by William Guy Carr ........ $2.00
(Special discount on quantity orders).  Cloth cover .... 3.00
The history of the World Revolutionary Movement.  A story of international intrigue.  Reveals and identifies the forces of evil who use wars and revolutions to further their secret plans to establish a One World Government.  Shocking but educational.

The Red Fog Over America by William Guy Carr .......... 2.00
(Special discount on quantity orders). Cloth cover ....... 3.00
The story of how the international conspiracy was introduced into Canada and the United States and how it has been developed during the past half century.  This information will enable the readers to use their franchise intelligently.

The Devil’s Poison by William Guy Carr ............  .15
(The truth about the fluoridation conspiracy)
(Special discounts on quantity orders)

The Synagogue of Satan .................  .10
A handy pamphlet telling what the Scriptures say about this organization.

The International Conspiracy ..............  .10
A small handy pamphlet to pass on to others written to interest them in seeking further after the truth.

News Behind the News — 12 issues ......... 3.00


The Very Rev. Monsgr. W.C. McGrath, Mamaronack, N.Y.
Pawns In the Game is the most profound study of the International Conspiracy I have ever seen.  Such a book is bound has never before been written.  I pray it may be read by millions of the hapless Pawns while there is still time to avert disaster.”

Admiral Sir Barry Domville, KBE., C.B., C.M.G., R.N. Ret’d.
“I am sure the book, will do much good and make people use their idle brains.  The general effect of your books is bound to help in the fight against evil providing you can get circulation.”
(Admiral Domville was one of Britain’s greatest fighting men.  He was at one time Director of Naval Intelligence Service.)

Rev. Leslie Millin, Chinese Missionary
“I went through the Chinese revolution but failed to realize what it was all about until I read your book.  Now the ‘Causes’ which produced such ‘Effects’ are perfectly clear.  I use material in your books in my lectures.”

Order from :  Publications Committee
Federation of Christian Laymen
c/o Willowdale Post Office
Willowdale, Ontario, Canada.

Please note.  In Canada order C.O.D. or send money order allowing 25c for registration to ensure delivery.  From the United States and other countries please send money order and allow for exchange and 25c towards postage.
Only by making the Truth known can we defeat the plot of those who use lies and deceits to further their secret plans.

“The Science of Government Founded on Natural Law”

Reprint of original edition, dated 1841, of IIluminist tract containing the first American publication of the plagarized Communist teachings of Adam Weishaupt, a renegade Jesuit, and the substance of the Communist Manifesto.  The Roosevelt version appeared seven years before it also was plagiarized by another member of the Order of Illuminati, Moses Mordecai Marx Levy, alias Heinrich Karl Marx, in Germany.  It embodies a blueprint of the New Deal, its NRA and other devices, that became the tradition of the Roosevelt Dynasty.  It is the pattern of an American dictatorship which they seek to impose.  Their progress in imposing this dictatorship was slow until the present century.  Now thanks to the support of the Rockefeller dominated “Philanthropic” Foundation Trust it is moving to ultrarapid culmination.

128 pp., Illustrated
CLOTH — $3.50
PAPER — $2.50
PUBLICATION COMMITTEE N.F.C.L., 62 Talbot Road, Willowdale, Ont. Can.


1 This was written prior to March 1955.

2 Since writing the above Dr. Joseph Roff set it to music.  It has been published in two editions by The Neil A. Kjos Music Co. of Chicago, Illinois.  One edition is for four voices while a ‘Special Edition’ is for Choirs and community singing.


Table of Contents | Introduction | The World Revolutionary Movement | English Revolution | French Revolution | Napoleon | American Revolution
Monetary Manipulation | Events Preceding the Russian Revolution | The Russian Revolution
| Political Intrigue | Versailles | Stalin |
Spanish Revolution | Civil War in Spain
| Franco | Reign of Terror| World War Two | WW2 Breaks Out |
Present Dangers